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In this blog we share with you a series of articles related to the truly unique Andalusian lifestyle. We write about ‘What to expect when you’re moving to Spain’, the ins and outs of life on the Andalusian country side, a selection of truly special properties with the owners personal stories and of course news updates on the property market and relevant changes in legislation.

Quality fincas for a good price in Andalusia

Many of our clients are looking for the romantic finca in Andalusia. A country house with an authentic Andalusian design, a bit of farm land around it and of course, stunning views! And, if possible, with a bit of quality. Northern European clients just want a little bit of comfort for a reasonable price.

Newsletter Villas & Fincas Country Properties

For the country property market in Andalusia, 2014 has been a record sales year! Property prices on the Andalusian countryside have stabilized and the exclusive market is leading the recovery. We notice a strong confidence in the Spanish economy from foreign investors and would like to invite you to Andalusia in 2015. Re-write your goals, it is time to celebrate life!

Winter views in Casares, Andalusia, Spain

Winter has nearly arrived in Casares as well and yes, at night it can get a little bit chilly in our house in the mountains. Temperatures during the day still rise to 20 degrees on a sunny day and the views in this time of the year are breathtaking. The crisp clear sky makes that you can see miles away. The Atlas mountains seem around the corner.

New listed Country houses in Casares

We have recently listed two new country cottages in the mountains in Casares, Andalusia. Both of them are in the attractive price range of in between 400.000€ and 500.000€ . We are proud to present these quality properties to you and are convinced they will find happy new owners soon.

Holiday on the countryside in Gaucin

Last summer, before I moved to Spain, I was spending a holiday for a one week in Gaucin with my family. Such an adorable little country village and the countryside is so beautiful. After staying a week in those views, you may have a little crush on Gaucin and you definitely want to go back there!