The sun in Andalusia shines for all

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The sun in Andalusia shines for all of us! How quickly has this year passed by again? We have reached the moment again to look back on 2022, and look ahead to what the future may bring us. A moment to reflect on the past and prepare ourselves for the year ahead. 


This year, we look a bit further back in time than we usually do. We take you to the period known as Al-Andalus. It was the historical Muslim Kingdom that occupied most of the Iberian Peninsula between the years 711 and 1492. The architectural heritage of this period is known all over the world. Some examples are the Alhambra in Granada, the Mezquita in Cordoba, and the Alcazaba in Seville, to name just a few. Less common knowledge is that Al-Andalus was also an educational centre for growth and advancement in a multitude of subjects, such as philosophy, art and architecture. Also medicine, trigonometry, astronomy, pharmacology and agronomy. And Cordoba, its most important city, became a leading economic and trading centre in Europe. 

The reason for this success finds its base in the continuous exchange of ideas and knowledge of people from different ethnic backgrounds. Many different cultures and religions cohabitated and traded in Al-Andalus, making it a diverse, open-minded and free society. A vibrant and thriving society was the result. It brought growth and prosperity to the whole area.

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Andalusia today

 During our work at Villas & Fincas, we continuously meet clients from different nationalities and a multitude of cultural and religious backgrounds. This enriches our lives, and our views on the world, and we learn something new, every day. We are reminded on a daily basis that diversity, freedom of thought and exchange of ideas and opinions are what makes us stronger and better, as a society, and as an individual.

Today, Andalusia still reflects and expresses the spirit of Al-Andalus. We believe that Al-Andalus left an important mark that goes beyond the archaeological remains. It formed and shaped people with traits that we recognise in the Andalusian people today. They are warm, welcoming, empathetic, trusting and loving. Andalusia is still a multicultural and multi-religious part of the world. Whatever your background, in Andalusia we live together, celebrate together, trade and exchange ideas. Opinions and habits may differ, yet we respect and leave space for each other to enjoy life, just the way we are! 

Cuadro flamenco Navidad

Our clients start their search in this part of the world for many reasons, mainly, however, for the year 300 days of sunshine. Upon arrival and after touring the picturesque white mountain villages and the breathtaking coastal line, our clients realise their search has come to an end. It is the sensation of openness and freedom, it is the countless nationalities that surround them. The interchange of cultures, habits and beliefs, and the reciprocity between locals and foreigners are what make Andalucía a dream. Down in Andalucía, the sun shines for everyone.  

We want to take the opportunity to thank our clients, followers, partners and collaborators for your trust in our company. We wish you all joyful holidays and a prosperous, sunny 2023!

Oscar, Anita, Nienke, Aurelia, Rebecca & Danielle.

Please note, our offices are closed from the 24th of December 2022 until the 3rd of January 2023.

Rebecca Marriott | 22nd December 2022