Living in Andalusia

We feel privileged to live on the Andalusian countryside, and therefore, we want to share our experiences. Whether it’s about the Ferias, the climate, schools or its stunning nature, it will hopefully help our clients to perceive a sharpened picture about Andalusia and what it means to actually reside here.

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Living in Andalusia Equestrian and rural tourism in Osuna

Osuna is an ancient city located on the countryside of Seville. Bordering on the edges of Cádiz and Málaga, Osuna presents a history rich in culture. Its pre-Roman origins can even be traced back in...Read More

Living in Andalusia GauGin Premium gin, Mediterranean luxury!

For already 12 years, Paul van den Heuvel continues to enjoy the views of Gibraltar from his ecological domain Finca La Corchuela, in Gaucin. His domain also planted the seed for his luxurious Mediterranean project. The...Read More

Living in Andalusia Platero & Co: Gaucin at its best

Gaucin is a place where everything comes together. The local expats even joke about Gaucin being the ‘center of the universe’ with its medieval fortress high in the mountains, but with the Mediterranean Sea within...Read More

Featured Properties, Living in Andalusia Living in a Natural Park in Southern Spain

Are you wondering what living in a natural park in Southern Spain feels like? There are many areas of Andalusia home to extensive natural parks full of evergreen forests, wildlife, and beautiful nature. From experience,...Read More

Living in Andalusia A gem in the Ronda mountains: Mesón Sabor Andaluz

Nestled between Málaga and Cádiz, Alcalá Del Valle is located in the Ronda mountains. Historically, Alcalá Del Valle is a town of emigrants. Its inhabitants left the town to go to foreign countries during the different seasons. Today, Alcalá...Read More

Living in Andalusia Charming properties, Cortijos and Haciendas in Seville

If you have a charming property in the province of Seville, Villas & Fincas has clients looking for this. We are looking for properties with over approximately 100 hectares, an oak forest with grazing land,...Read More

Living in Andalusia A dream holiday house location

Andalusia is famous and known for many things. We often hear that Andalusia recalls memories of the bright sunshine, stretches of beaches, coastal restaurants and houses with sea views. The other side of the coin...Read More

Living in Andalusia Elements in Mediterranean Interior Design

The Mediterranean interior design is characterised by the aesthetics of Southern European countries. Imagine the bright sun in a clear blue sky, glittering over the Mediterranean Sea and silky soft sand between your toes. Or...Read More

Living in Andalusia, Villas & Fincas News Owning a holiday home in Southern Spain: 5 tips

Owning a holiday home in Southern Spain is a dream of many people. In this blog you will find the 5 most important tips to make your purchase a success in the case you also...Read More

Living in Andalusia Equestrian lifestyle in Spain, a pure joy!

The equestrian lifestyle in Spain forms part of the traditional way of living. Horses are as much part of the Spanish identity as olives and polka dotted flamenco costumes are. The feria’s and romeria’s are...Read More

Living in Andalusia What to do in the Grazalema Natural Park?

There are many things to do in Grazalema Natural Park. But first, what is the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park? In our opinion, it is one of the most spectacular natural parks of Andalusia! Beautiful...Read More

Living in Andalusia A passion for Andalusian architecture

The amount of historical properties in Andalusia are manifold. The Andalusian architecture is defined by the Roman and Islamic legacy, which date back to 218 B-C- and 711 A.C. These cultures have left their mark...Read More

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