Living in Andalusia

We feel privileged to live on the Andalusian countryside, and therefore, we want to share our experiences. Whether it’s about the Ferias, the climate, schools or its stunning nature, it will hopefully help our clients to perceive a sharpened picture about Andalusia and what it means to actually reside here.

Living in Andalusia A Dream Project: A Day in the Life of Visionaries with a Reform Project

With the blog series A Day in the Life of … we want to give you a sneak peak into the lives of our Andalusian heroes. We have always written about what it is like...Read More

Living in Andalusia Interior Design Trends 2024

An important trend that we saw in 2023 was the connection to nature. For this exact reason, at Villas & Fincas we experienced a peak in our niche Andalusian country property market. People from all...Read More

Living in Andalusia Carnaval de Cadiz

Carnaval de Cadiz: A Vibrant Tapestry of Culture, Color, and Celebration. Along the sun-kissed shores of southwestern Spain, Cadiz comes alive with an explosion of energy and color during its world-famous Carnival. This annual extravaganza,...Read More

Living in Andalusia The Classic Andalusian Winter Meal

It is a mid winter afternoon, the temperatures are actually resembling the time of the year and you feel like having a delicious home-made winter meal. If you have lived in Andalucía for some time...Read More

Living in Andalusia Los Reyes Magos in Andalucia

The tradition of the Three Kings, Los Reyes Magos, is magical for everyone in Andalucia. It is a festivity that brings families and friends  of all age groups together. If you want to discover the...Read More

Living in Andalusia A Culinary Food Fiesta: Merry Christmas!

Indulging in Andalucía’s festive flavours is a top 1 activity during the Christmas holiday. Of course, Christmas is about people, togetherness, family,  friends. It is about singing villancicos together, gathering around the fire. Christmas is...Read More

Living in Andalusia Happy Holidays – Christmas Newsletter 2023

Gratitude creates a vision for Tomorrow It feels like yesterday when 2023 started. And here we are, almost a year later, looking back on the exhilarating year we have lived. What we can say about...Read More

Living in Andalusia Dia de la Constitución, Andalucía, Spain

December 6th, Constitution Day, is when we celebrate unity and democracy in Andalucía, Spain. This day holds historical significance and especially, national pride. Today we commemorate the approval of the Spanish Constitution in 1978. It...Read More

About the Area, Living in Andalusia Top 5 Hikes in Malaga

Malaga province is beautiful and diverse. In terms of landscape only, you will find beaches, mountains, valleys, forests, waterfalls, cliffs,.. For this exact reason, nature invites us to go exploring, to go on an adventure...Read More

Living in Andalusia Dia De los Santos in Andalucia

In Andalucía, November 1st marks a day of deep-rooted traditions and heartfelt remembrance. On this day we celebrate Dia de los Santos, or All Saints’ Day. It’s a time when families come together in their...Read More

Living in Andalusia Andalusian Farmhouses: Market Trends

In the beautiful South of Spain, Andalusia, where the sun shines more than 320 days a year, lies a burgeoning niche market that captivates the hearts and attention of property enthusiasts. The niche market of...Read More

Living in Andalusia Spanish Olive Oil: The Olive Harvest in Andalucía

In the heart of Andalucía, Spain, the month of September brings with it a cherished tradition: the olive harvest. This annual event not only marks the culmination of months of careful cultivation but also plays...Read More

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