Living in Andalusia

We feel privileged to live on the Andalusian countryside, and therefore, we want to share our experiences. Whether it’s about the Ferias, the climate, schools or its stunning nature, it will hopefully help our clients to perceive a sharpened picture about Andalusia and what it means to actually reside here.

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Living in Andalusia Living in Montefrio: Embracing Simplicity in the Andalusian Countryside

So you may ask, what is it like living in Montefrio? Well, let’s paint a picture for you! Nestled amidst the serene olive and orange groves of the Andalusian countryside. Just 40 minutes away from...Read More

Living in Andalusia The Perfect Lifestyle in the Sun in Andalucia

You might be sitting on the couch in your living room, or perhaps you might be sipping on a glass of wine at the dinner table. One single thought keeps running through your head as...Read More

Living in Andalusia The Perfect Equestrian Home

Do you live abroad and wonder what it would be like to live in Spain? If that is so you have come to the right place. In the Villas & Fincas blog you can extensively...Read More

Living in Andalusia Equestrian lifestyle in Gaucin

Starting your equestrian lifestyle in Gaucin means that you can finally embrace your love for horses to its full extent. Gaucin is a unique place for an equestrian lifestyle since you live in the epicentre of...Read More

Living in Andalusia, Villas & Fincas News The sun in Andalusia shines for all

The sun in Andalusia shines for all of us! How quickly has this year passed by again? We have reached the moment again to look back on 2022, and look ahead to what the future...Read More

Living in Andalusia The Finest Local Restaurants in Andalucia

Often there is a preconception that to have the best quality, the best flavours, the best service and the most delicious food you ought to go to an expensive and luxurious restaurant. Or even to a...Read More

Living in Andalusia B&B for sale in Andalucia – what to expect

What to expect with a B&B for sale in Andalucia? Well, it all starts with a dream. Maybe you are tired of the rushed life you have in your corner of the world. Towering buildings,...Read More

Living in Andalusia Schools in Andalusia

Together with my family, I have lived in the lively environment of the Costa del Sol since 2001. The thing is, in our Real Estate in Casares we often receive questions from emigrating parents regarding...Read More

Living in Andalusia Living in Andalusia after Covid

In January 2020 we did not yet know what would hit us. A virus was soaring around the world that very soon became the pandemic that changed our lives forever. As the months go by, positive...Read More

Living in Andalusia Ronda: A splendid holiday house location

Andalusia is famous and known for many things. We often hear that Andalusia recalls memories of the bright sunshine, stretches of beaches, coastal restaurants and houses with sea views. The other side of the coin...Read More

Featured Properties, Living in Andalusia A dream lifestyle: owning a cortijo in Gaucin

Waking up to the chirping sound of birds and a fresh breeze flowing through the trees surrounding your home. Isn’t that a dream lifestyle? Cortijos in the south of Spain tend to provide you with...Read More

Living in Andalusia Summer in Andalusia

Summer: the happiest, most lively season of the year. You might think, “What could possibly be so different or special about the summer in Andalusia compared to a summer elsewhere?” After reading, you won’t want to...Read More

Displaying 12 Articles of 106 Page 1 of 9