Villas & Fincas Services


Our specialization in Country properties and estates all over Andalusia requires profound knowledge. We want to inform our clients accurately on the different areas, the applicable legislation and even on the possibilities and regulations for farming and hunting. To effectively do so we collaborate with an extended group of professionals and invest in the education of our staff members.

Legal Services: Legislation with regards to property on rustic land is constantly changing. We intend to be ahead of things to be able to advise vendors as well as purchasers. A full check on the paperwork is done at the listing, at which point we discuss with the vendor the steps to take to ensure a smooth sales process when the right buyer presents itself. The purchasers can then be informed about the possibilities each property has. Can the property be extended? Is it possible to exploit it as a business? What process needs to be followed to obtain permission? To name just a few of the questions to find the right answer. Over the years our legal knowledge in our specific area has grown, yet to stay up to date we collaborate with a group of expert lawyers and notaries to provide our clients with the right information.

Marketing and Sales Services: In the end, a good agent understands perfectly what his client is looking for and is able to make the perfect match. We know our clients and are therefore know what properties we want to have in our portfolio. We need to be able to sell them! The presentation of the property is extremely important for us. We provide a full photo presentation at HD quality and a property video. Next to that, we invest in providing information on the area. Our website is state of the art and scores high in SEO ratings. We collaborate very selective with portals. Our listings are positioned in an exclusive setting. We collaborate with national and international agents focusing on this same area. Database and network marketing complements our SEO strategy.

Agricultural and Hunting Services: In the countryside, you have to think of different things. Every finca needs, for example, a fire prevention plan, or you may want to plant vines or olives, you want to secure water rights or rights of way, you want to apply for a hunting permit etcétera. Villas & Fincas collaborates with a variety of professionals who will be of assistance top ut the right things in place. Before and after the sale. We work with topographers, agricultural engineers, drilling companies for wells and even wineries and olive mills to be able to direct our clients in the right way to be able to manage, maintain and develop their country estate.

After Sales Services: The sale is just the start of the relationship with our clients. Once you have pictured your dream, we will assist you to make it happen. For smaller or larger reforms we will bring you in touch with reliable architects, builders and interior designers. The questions can also be simpler; where to find a good gardener, or cleaner, or what to do if you want to rent out your property. Or even, where to find a good restaurant, where to buy authentic tiles, or Antique doors. For you it may be a headache to find out, we most likely have advised on it before and can easily guide you in the right direction. Any question, we are there for our clients! Read our guide about the Villas & Fincas post-sale service here.