Villas & Fincas after-sale service

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Most real estate agencies assist their clients in purchasing a property and finalise their service once the purchase has been completed. Contrarily, at Villas & Fincas Country Properties we want to offer you a completely different experience. Our service to you, our client, does not stop after the sale. 

Villas & Fincas extensive network

Many of our clients ask for our assistance in finding professionals to reform and maintain their new home. We have an extensive network of property managers, gardeners and even cleaners. Alternatively, other clients of ours are interested in doing larger or smaller reforms to their new homes. We collaborate with professional architects, builders and interior designers with the goal of ensuring your purchased property becomes your dream home down to the last details.  

If you have bigger plans with your plot, want to landscape or even plant an olive grove or vineyard; we can also bring you in contact with the right landscapers or agricultural engineers to bring those projects to a good end.

Villas & Fincas lifestyle knowledge

Of course, for simpler questions too we are always readily available. It can be as simple as ‘what is a good restaurant in the area?’ or ‘what is a fun family activity for the weekend?’ We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. 

In 2001 we were lucky enough to start our own adventure in Casares, Andalucía. We want to do everything we can to make sure you have the same beautiful experience we have had. Don’t be shy, please ask! 

Package delivery

Having packages delivered in the countryside can be challenging sometimes. There are many tricks to get the couriers at your doorstep. We also offer our office as a delivery address for clients in the direct area.

Danielle Ernstsen | 21st December 2022