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In this blog, we share with you a series of articles related to the truly unique Andalusian lifestyle. We write about ‘What to expect when you’re moving to Spain’, the ins and outs of life in the Andalusian countryside, a selection of truly special properties with the owner's personal stories and, of course, news updates on the property market and relevant changes in legislation.

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Featured Properties, Living in Andalusia Cortijo for sale Southern Spain – Hidden Living

This is your chance! The ULTIMATE opportunity to own a Cortijo within the olives. Here, you are blessed with being surrounded by the olives, yet without the work. The chance to create your own eco-garden,...Read More

Featured Properties A Breathtaking Country Estate in Ronda

Country estates are rare objects often associated with upmarket homes, stately manors or exclusive country houses. They are luxury objects that are rare and hard to find. We are proud to be able to have...Read More

Featured Properties Make this exclusive country villa YOURS!

It is clear that luxury comes in all forms and colours. Luxury is an ambiguous concept that stretches the limits of the desirable, pleasant and indulgence. Often, it is associated with a rich life. In...Read More

Featured Properties The Andalusian lifestyle – Cortijo for sale in Andalucia

As we mentioned in our last blog, this Cortijo for sale in Andalucia is an ideal home for those looking to experience the authentic Andalusian way of living. Surrounded by the golden oil that is...Read More

Featured Properties Luxury country villa in Andalucia: the ultimate retreat

We all know those days when we just long for some relaxation time. It won’t come as a surprise to see so many come down to Andalucia for this! The sunlight, the great food and...Read More

Featured Properties Cortijo with olive grove for sale, Spain – the dream for many

If you are reading this, you are probably already dreaming about a future living in the Southern region of Spain, Andalusia. Maybe you are looking to move away from the busy life and more towards...Read More

Featured Properties The dream country villa for sale in Spain

When we talk about the Andalusian dream, there are several things that come to mind. From long hours in the sun to flavourful dinners with excellent wine. Something that’s key to what people always seem...Read More

Featured Properties Sustainable property: an eco villa in Spain

It’s time. Time to conclude the green chapter of one of the most pristine listings in our portfolio. This concerns our sustainable property in Gaucin: a truly exclusive eco villa in Spain if you ask...Read More

Featured Properties Flawless Mediterranean Sanctuary – Country Estate for sale in Granada

A flawless Mediterranean sanctuary. With a backyard full of wonders, one of the finest estates in our portfolio to date, a country estate for sale in Granada. Here you embrace the Andalusian seasons as they...Read More

Featured Properties Sustainable villa for sale: a written property tour

It’s time for a written property tour. This luxury sustainable villa for sale in Gaucin deserves a proper description. We thought, there’s no better way to do it than as a written tour. From top...Read More

Featured Properties Shooting estates for sale – Southern Spain

When it comes to shooting estates for sale in Southern Spain, you can expect a great hacienda with all the added comforts. Together with huge expanses of land dominated by endless, ancient olive groves. The...Read More

Featured Properties Eco-living in Gaucin: this your sustainable country villa

A high-quality sustainable country villa. An unforgettable view of the Genal valley and the Mediterranean sea. A plot that honours the Andalusian countryside. More than just another lifestyle, this eco-villa is delivering an honest message:...Read More

Displaying 12 Articles of 302 Page 1 of 26