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In this blog, we share with you a series of articles related to the truly unique Andalusian lifestyle. We write about ‘What to expect when you’re moving to Spain’, the ins and outs of life in the Andalusian countryside, a selection of truly special properties with the owner's personal stories and, of course, news updates on the property market and relevant changes in legislation.

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Featured Properties Owning a sporting estate in Cordoba, Spain

It is a luxury to be surrounded by spectacular nature, completely dominated by serenity and peacefulness. This luxury is something that 100% is experienced at our sporting estate in Andalucia, specifically Córdoba. Not only is...Read More

Featured Properties Exclusive Villa for sale in Southern Spain

When it comes to thinking of homes and gardens, it’s only natural to think of these as two separate entities with a strict boundary in between. However, this distinction here in Andalucia isn’t always clear...Read More

Living in Andalusia Luxury living in Andalucia (Spain): from a hunting estate to the city

Last weekend we had the honour to be invited to our beautiful hunting estate in Córdoba. We combined our trip to the estate with a few days to discover the historic city. What better way...Read More

Featured Properties A manor house in Spain, the natural beauty of a sporting estate

Sporting estates are known for their endless lands. They are known for century-old trees that dress the terrain.  They are known for the gorgeous wild animals inhabiting the estate. Villas & Fincas is fascinated every time...Read More

Living in Andalusia El Chorro – a hidden paradise in Andalucia

El Chorro is a beautiful natural area, located in the heart of Andalucia, just 40 minutes from Málaga city. One of the most popular and scenic spots, an ideal area to do many activities such...Read More

Featured Properties Luxury Villa for sale near Malaga, Spain

We are proud to present this magnificent luxury villa for sale near Malaga, Spain. This is for those who seek an exceptional home, to embrace the true Andalusian lifestyle. Set amidst olives and almonds, this...Read More

Featured Properties Buy a sporting property in Spain: what to expect

We have just started the almighty hunting season. From the end of August until the beginning of October you could hear the bellowing from miles away. These abysmal chants of stags penetrate the depths of...Read More

Moving to Spain, Villas & Fincas News How does Brexit affect buying property in Spain?

How does Brexit affect buying property in Spain is a question on repeat on many British minds. How will it influence new residents? As the consequences of Brexit become clearer, answers are becoming clearer as...Read More

Featured Properties Buy a cortijo in Andalucia: this is your opportunity!

Ladies and gentlemen. Life is changing. And we all sense it. After having suffered a nearly 2-year global pandemic, many have changed their priorities and wishes in life. Since March 2020, we have noticed how...Read More

Living in Andalusia Shinrin-Yoku: Forest bathing in Andalucia

Forest bathing is a popular activity in Japan that consists of visiting a forest. Make no mistake, it’s not tree-hugging or anything like this. The purpose is to obtain general well-being. In our part of...Read More

Featured Properties Luxury finca in Andalucia for sale near Seville

All eras come to an end and give way to new beginnings. This is the part of the book for our exclusive country estate to start announcing the beginning of a new chapter. ‘Why?’ you...Read More

Featured Properties It’s a lifestyle: Living in a cortijo in Andalucia

It’s a lifestyle. Living in a Cortijo influences the way you start looking at the world and the activities you engage with. It even influences your relationships and your health. Yes, it’s a lifestyle. Simply...Read More

Displaying 12 Articles of 287 Page 1 of 24