The Rural Luxury Gem: A Luxury Country Villa in Malaga

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In April we started the Rural Luxury Gem series. It is now August and we are happy to share with you the 4th Gem of the Rural Luxury Season. In our Rural Luxury Trend Wealth Report we emphasised that you can no longer put your dreams on hold. Step back for a moment and think about your future life. Do you envision your life here in Spain? Can you see yourself living in Andalusia, where the sun shines more than 320 days a year? Is this something you want? Then without a doubt, keep reading! You are going to love today’s Gem. 

With our Rural Luxury Gem series we want to highlight some of the best investment properties in our portfolio. In our first edition we highlighted a Spanish Cortijo. Our second Gem is a truly mesmerising fully equipped and modern Equestrian Estate. The third was a spectacular Andalusian Country Home. Today we continue with yet another type of property: The villa. Not just any villa, today’s gem is a fascinating and luxurious country villa that captivates the heart. It is a country villa with views so beautiful, they leave you breathless.


The Country Villa: What makes it unique?

Without a doubt, the most unique feature of this luxury villa in the countryside of Gaucin, Malaga, is the view. The view looks out over the Río Genal Valley, offering seemingly endless and uninterrupted views. The further you look, the more you see. The endlessness stretches all the way out to the Mediterranean Sea, where Gibraltar and the Atlas Mountains of Morocco meet the eye. It doesn’t stop there: the Sierra Crestellina, with her irregular yet elegant shape completes the natural canvas.

What might be the most beautiful aspect of the views is the way the light changes the colour palette of the nature that surrounds you. Throughout the entire year and especially throughout the day the sun rays hit the mountains, the forest and the sea differently. The aftermath being a beautiful rainbow of colours. A sky that welcomes tones of blue, orange, yellow, pink and purple. The colours are so incredibly beautiful that you might not believe your eyes!

Architecture & Design

This country villa has a rather unique architectural design. The current owner completely renovated the property and created a lavish home. It combines the elements of a comfortable luxury villa as well as elements of a stylish & modern villa. Finding a home with these architectural features and these high & classy standards in the countryside is beyond rare. The interior has been designed with the best materials to ensure a lifestyle of comfort and luxe. This gorgeous country villa in Gaucin has a large and soft lawn where you can enjoy a picnic, sunbathe and host BBQs! The lawn leads to rustic steps giving way to the extraordinary pool. No matter where you are, you will like the world is yours.


Gaucin: The Place to Be

Gaucin is a small yet very lively Andalusian white mountain village. It is picturesque and is known to be an artistic centre. Over the years, many great restaurants have opened. You can enjoy the local art shops or a night at a gallery enjoying a new exhibition. For your lunch menu you can pay a visit to the local health store where they sell fantastic eco products. A day by the beach is an easy plan, because the coast is still within easy reach. And if you’re feeling lazy, a good book in your hammock is just as good of a plan!

You cannot go wrong by living in Gaucin. Do you want more information about this spectacular country villa in Gaucin? Make sure to leave your contact details down below! Of course, you can also send us a direct email to or call/WhatsApp +34 608 577 696. We look forward to meeting you!


Danielle Ernstsen | 9th August 2023