Cueva de la Pileta, Ronda Mountains

cueva de la pileta
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Driving through the Serrania de Ronda is spectacular. If you take the A 369 from Gaucin to Ronda the views are absolutely breathtaking. What a privilege to live in this area. Whether it’s the chestnut forests, the views towards Gibraltar and Africa or just the stunning mountains, I don’t know, but still after 10 years of living in Andalusia, the trip to Ronda and back is a joy. History goes back a long time in this area as is shown for example in the amazing prehistorical cave the ‘Cueva de la Pileta’, situated near the white village of Benaojan. The cave paintings are spectacular! And believe it or not, you can actually see the originals!

Although the site is protected as an historical site, the caves are still privately owned and run. The cave was discovered in 1905 by a farmer, José Bullón Lobato and nowadays his grandsons organise the guided tours. More information about the visits can be found on their website La cueva de la Pileta. To make the Andalusian experience complete we recommendyou  to combine your visit with a lunch in either the rural hotel Molino del Santo in Benaojan or a venta on the A369.

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Oscar Ernstsen | 14th December 2011