Information about Gaucin

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At approximately 30 kilometres from the coast, at an hours drive from Marbella, 40 minutes from Ronda and 40 minutes from Sotogrande you’ll find the spectacular arty white village of Gaucin. Gaucin is known for its commanding views to Gibraltar and the Rif mountains. In and around Gaucin we have a variety of cortijos, equestrian estates, country houses and villas for sale.

We’ll introduce some of the areas in Gaucin in which we have country property for sale.

The South hill, this is where you find the country villas, cortijos and cottages that have the stunning south views that have drawn people to Gaucin.

La Almuña and La Hoya, two breathtaking estates with a variety of large country houses and cortijos. Beautiful views over the hills and the river.

Colmenar, the area in between the village of Gaucin and the train station (Colmenar) is where you will find the grand estates and equestrian properties.

Gaucin village, the village itself has some beautifully restored spacious houses counting with today’s luxury.

Facilities and services in Gaucin

The village of Gaucin provides in all your basic needs. You will find several small supermarkets, even an organic shop, a butcher who offers homemade chorizo and sausages, a baker, an international delicatessen and lovely fresh fruit and vegetables. It is a lovely village to wander around, to have a typical Spanish breakfast on one of the squares. The villagers welcome you in. There are a health centre, an ambulance service and the nearest hospital is in Ronda (25-minute drive).  Ronda is the nearest town where you will find everything you need. The nearest international school is in Sotogrande.

Bakery – butchers- mini market- doctors service –dentist – primary school – nursery – language classes 

Wining & Dining in Gaucin

Around Gaucin, you will find several ‘Venta’s’, local restaurants with excellent typical Spanish ‘comida casera’, home cooked meals. In the village, you can spend your evenings having a nice glass of wine and an excellent choice of local tapas as ham, cheese or ensaladilla. Two restaurants we would like to feature here are Azulete and El Platero. Gaucin is further known for its artistic scene and counts with some nice galleries and regular expositions.

What to do in Gaucin?

Having this strong artistic scene you will find a broad range of art courses, from Flamenco music to modern painting. Furthermore, Gaucin offers the perfect environment for horseriding and there is a very active hiking group. For nature lovers, the mountains around Gaucin are a paradise. They will see vultures and eagles, find wild orchids to mention just some of the features.

Oscar Ernstsen | 2nd December 2011