Information about Ronda

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Ronda is a fascinating and historic city. It is one of the oldest cities of Spain where you can find Prehistoric remains. There are some beautiful paintings in the Cueva de la Pileta! The city is located in the Sierra de las Nieves, approximately at 40 kilometres from the coast. Marbella is at a 45-minute drive.

History of Ronda

Ronda came to be around 6BC when the Celts set foot in the area, it was soon conquered by the Romans who named it Arunda, meaning surrounded by mountains. The name is very suitable since the city is built on top of a gorge and is situated in the middle of the Serranía de Ronda. The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Moors and Christians also left their marks on the land. As a result of so many different civilisations influencing the area, this city was able to grow and prosper over the course of time. Now, the city and the municipality in itself is a gigantic historical archive with many beautiful archaeological sites.

Some of the most famous sites are the Acinipo, the Arab baths and the mural paintings of the Cueva de la Pileta. Of course we mustn’t forget the bridge, known as the Tajo de Ronda. It is an engineering masterpiece.

What is Ronda known for?

Ronda is now known for its delicious wines and its numerous vineyards and wineries. These emerged around the 1st Century, when the Romans lived here. Given the altitud and the proximity to the sea, the Romans realised the land and location of Ronda was ideal to grow vines and to produce quality wines. If you are in Andalusia you definitely must visit some local bodegas, Doña Felisa is one of them that is truly spectacular. You can also visit the famous vineyard ‘Bodega Cortijo Las Monjas‘ in Arriate.


Many know this city because the bullfighting sport emerged here. The idea behind the sport was that young men could should how courageous they were to earn their place in society. Over the years Pedro Romero is a bullfighter that really stands out. Ronda has the second oldest bullfighting ring, called the Plaza de Toros de Ronda, which was built in 1785.

Natural scenery

Something else that attracts many tourists from all over the world to visit Ronda is the drive up there. The serpent road from the coast up into the Serranía is an experience and an adventure on its own. The rolling hills around Ronda are breathtaking and diverse too! Depending on where you look the mountains have red and brown tones, or white and gray tones. The geological diversity makes this truly spectacular!

The scenery is the main reason also why many decide they want to live in Ronda. It is knowing you are not in the touristic hub nearby the coast, and knowing you have a private paradise where you can grow your own vegetables that attracts many of our clients. Ronda is a fantastic area to own your luxury country property. The diversity in land allows means you could own a home with your own vineyard or olive grove, a historic cortijo or hacienda with a fruit orchard, an equestrian property, and not to forget a magnificent hunting estate. Whatever you are searching for, Ronda has it.



The city of Ronda offers everything you need, even ones you would expect to find in a larger city. A hospital, doctors and dentists services, (private) schools, an extensive shopping area, a theatre, a cinema, sports facilities etc. Most of the services offered will be in Spanish, however, more and more foreigners come visit and come to live in Ronda meaning the local’s English is improving exponentially.

Wining & Dining

The variety of restaurants and bars in and around Ronda is diverse, you can find everything from the cheapest to most expensive extremes, and everything in between. You can find three-course lunch menus of home-cooked dishes for just 7€  in typical Andalusian Ventas on the outskirts of Ronda. You can also opt for a fine-dining experience in the Michelin star Restaurant Bardal. Enjoying some fantastic Spanish tapas on the Plaza del Socorro is another great option.


What to do?

In this marvellous city you can explore a whole list of outdoor activities. You can go horse riding, walking or biking through the mountains of Ronda. If you are looking for unspoiled nature, where you can breathe in crisp air, here is where you will find it! For slightly more active sports, you can choose to go rock climbing and mountain cycling. If you fancy a few rounds on a real race track we can recommend the Ascari Race Resort.

Danielle Ernstsen | 21st March 2023