The Rural Luxury Gem: The Definition of Aesthetics in your Spanish Cortijo

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Can you believe it? Time goes by so fast! It seems like yesterday when we were celebrating New Year but February is almost over. Almost one year has passed since we started our Rural Luxury Gem blog series. We want to welcome the 6th Gem to the market: A Spanish Cortijo full of history and aesthetics! If you want to become a member in the luxury country property owners club of Andalucía you have to act fast. Why? Three out of six luxury Gems have already been sold! Make this Spanish Cortijo yours today.

The purpose of our Rural Luxury Gem series is to highlight some of the best investment properties in our portfolio. In our previous editions we shared with you a gorgeous Spanish Cortijo, now Sold. Also a mesmerising Equestrian Estate, an Andalusian Country Home. The fourth, a fascinating and luxurious country villa, also Sold. Our fifth Gem was an architecturally spectacular country villa in Gaucín, currently reserved and off market for the new owner.

What makes a Spanish Cortijo unique?

There are many reasons why a Spanish Cortijo is a must-have asset. But this one specifically is one to highlight for its very complex and unique styling. No matter where you look you will find aesthetically pleasing corners, artistic details, beautiful usage of materials. Overal, you see a home where the owners have dedicated time, effort and love.

This luxury country property in Ronda is fully surrounded by lush green gardens. A field of flowers is the first thing you see when you wake up. On the one hand, the property is structured with beautiful stone walls and lined up oleanders and olive trees. On the other hand, the rustic Andalusian essence trickles through the interior and exterior design so seamlessly.

What makes this Spanish Cortijo in Ronda unique and special is how in a modern country h0me, classic features from the Roman times have been incorporated. The Romans spent a lot of time in Andalucía but they had an important base in Ronda. So the fact that these historic elements have been incorporated in the design, makes this contemporary home one that knows how to embrace the history and culture of the area.cortijo-ronda


If you wish to have more information on this beautiful Spanish Cortijo in Ronda, make sure you reach out to us. Call us on +34 952 89 51 39 or +34 608 577 696. You can also send us an email to Your your own comfort, you may also leave your contact details in the form below and we will reach out to you in no time!


Danielle Ernstsen | 8th February 2024