Interior Design Trends 2024

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An important trend that we saw in 2023 was the connection to nature. For this exact reason, at Villas & Fincas we experienced a peak in our niche Andalusian country property market. People from all over the world were escaping their lives surrounded by boxy buildings and wanted to embrace a new life surrounded by green. In 2024 this theme still stands strong. 

Earth: The interior design trend for 2024

A nature-inspired interior design is not only trendy, but it serves to elevate your general wellbeing too. By enhancing the connection to nature within your home, you will create spaces of relaxation where you can fully unwind and re-centre.

The purpose of an Earthy style is to find harmony with nature. Try using colours and elements that create a neutral and calm atmosphere in your home. Colours that will work well are terracotta, sage green and muted blue. You can get as creative as you want with these colours! Try incorporating some wooden accents in your wall decorations and fill up empty or hollow spaces with beautiful houseplants. As such the interior design of your home will feel soothing and complete.


The colour scheme does not stop there. Just like in nature, even though they are predominant, we don’t only find tones of green, blue and brown. Play with additional colour accents through your favourite art! Wall paintings, vases, sculptures, cushions… Create the pop effect with bright turquoise and jovial pink and purple hues.

Light & Texture

Hand in hand with your Earthy interior design home comes of course, natural light. Natural light will make your home feel bright and spacious. Large windows and open ceilings will invite outdoor energy inside! If you feel you may lack natural light, think about placing strategic mirrors or reflective surfaces that amplify the natural light.

For the darker hours, rather than ceiling bright up your home with interesting lights that have organic curves and/or unexpected materials. An eclectic style lamp will bring the whole together and create a soothing yet modern home.


Welcome Maximalism

In nature nothing is ever static nor boring. For this reason, this year we say bye to minimalism and welcome maximalism for your interior design! Think big and bold and make your home the talk of town!

Allow texture into your home and have fun with different patterns. Especially when it comes to patterns and texture think about special tiles! Whether it is in your bathroom, your living room or your kitchen. Patterned tiles will elevate your home to the next level! This effect will work wonders both on the floor as well as on your wall.

The maximalist style will create room for your grand personality to flourish. You will start to tell a story with the spaces in your home, so don’t hold back. Character attracts, and your individuality will bring warmth to your home.



Last but not least, an incredibly important feature that will define interior design in 2024 is sustainability, both inside and outside your home. Use sustainable and/or materials, organic textiles, etc. Be conscious about your surrounding environment. Sustainability goes much further of course. Start thinking green! Invest in solar panels and/or wind mills to power your heated pool or underfloor heating.

The sky is the limit! Think green and highlight your personality. Have fun with the interior design of your home!

Danielle Ernstsen | 7th February 2024