Grand Estates in Andalusia: vineyards, olive groves & hunting estates

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Once in a while, we ask ourselves: what is Luxury? After 20 years of experience in the field, we have grown to see Andalusia and the property market from a different perspective. Therefore, the answer to the question ‘what is Luxury?’ becomes multifold. A feature that we’ve noticed that has become extremely popular and valuable is land. Owning land has become the symbol of space, privacy, tranquillity and exclusivity. It is currently both a long and short term investment. From vineyards to olive groves and hunting estates: all these grand estates in Andalusia are in high demand! In this blog we will tell you all about the luxury of owning thousands of hectares, and what you can expect of it in the Andalusian countryside.

The Luxury of land: Grand Estates in Andalusia

The privileged grand estates of Andalusia in our portfolio breathe the purity of nature, day in day out. The truth is, these estates are usually situated in the midst of the Andalusian countryside. The romance lushes off the idea of owning your own estate. The grand rustic feeling you have when walking over your terrain is unique. The tranquillity of inland Gaucin, especially our stunning Cortijo lying hidden in the valley, is only one of the few examples that bring this alive. Looking out over the curves of mountain backs, hearing the wind whistle through the trees. Birds chirping all around, creating a 360º sound effect of their song. The authenticity of the land screams silently through the wild vegetation growing on all edges of your land. It’s the space to breathe, the feeling of immensity, and the fact that you can fully submerge in nature that makes this a true luxury. It’s a choice to live rustically. Namely, life in the countryside is not comparable to the rhythm of modern villa’s close to the hustle and bustle of ports and cities. On your country estate you’re living your own fairytale, your own adventure, protected by the privacy of your own land.

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What about land, and what to do with it?

Yes, it’s a very romantic image, isn’t it? Romance is further rooted in the practical possibilities of the land. Many estate owners fertilise the land with an olive grove, a vineyard, or a planting of fruit trees. One of our grand country estate in Casares is an example of a farm that works as such. Some even grow their ecological vegetable gardens, ready for kitchen use! Whether you set up a (semi)professional farm or just a hobby farm to delight your meals with fresh products from your land, both are viable ways to make your land usable. Furthermore, owning land is a privilege. It provides a protected environment and gives you privacy in the surrounding area. As such, you make make sure that you have an uninterrupted stay at your estate. Hence, it is often so that a large portion of land is also often left ‘to the wild’. The beauty of this is that your estate will blend in perfectly well with the local flora and maintains the natural beauty of the area.

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Projects for your property

Villas & Fincas has been active in the Andalusian countryside for 20 years. Our network varies from gardeners, farmers and builders to interior designers, artists and architects. For all grand projects, we can match you with a team of experts in the area. Our exclusive estate bordering a natural park in Jimena de la Frontera is a dream to renovate to modern standards. Moreover, within our network we also have experts speaking multiple languages. Therefore, if you are looking to set steps towards a new level of luxury, we can support your project with our network. Whether you are looking to renovate your main house to modern comfortable standards or layout a fully equipped farm, we can assist you.

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Are you interested in buying a large luxury estate in Andalusia? 

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Nienke Ernstsen | 11th June 2021