Elements in Mediterranean Interior Design

Mediterranean design style
Mediterranean style design
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The Mediterranean interior design is characterised by the aesthetics of Southern European countries. Imagine the bright sun in a clear blue sky, glittering over the Mediterranean Sea and silky soft sand between your toes. Or envision the splendid curvy countryside, with terracotta coloured mountains, and the sun shining on the rivers coating the inland hills. It is these sceneries that have been translated to items that now cover the elements of Mediterranean interior design. 

Elements in Mediterranean style

First of all, there are different elements that reoccur in the Mediterranean style. These are light and warm colour schemes, natural materials, lively textiles, and patterned tiles. It is simple and romantic. It is bold and convenient. Specifically, this style combines elements from Greece, Italy, Morocco and Spain. Surely it covers the relaxed and cheerful atmosphere these countries offer. Each country has its own palette of textures and colours. Yet, are all inspired by one common thing: the sun. When you think of the selection of colours for your walls, flooring, furniture and fabrics take a turn around the 50 Shades of the Sun. Be inspired by the sparkling tones of the sea in turquoise, the warm sands of the coast, the olive hues of the countryside, and the lush of flowering nature. Important to mention is that inside becomes outside, and outside becomes inside. In other words, your porches, patios and courtyards are just as much part of the interior design projects as your bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces!

Style Mediterranean

Features in its interior design

A Mediterranean house is the dream to those who appreciate the elegant, simple and natural spaces. The extensive use of natural products from terracotta tiles, to wooden beams and furniture all, add to the Mediterranean atmosphere. Moreover, the rudeness of the natural products in contrast with the airy fabrics used to style your house complete the look of the Mediterranean interior design. Furthermore, the Andalusian architecture of the house is key to complement the style. Arched windows and doorways, open spaces and high ceilings embody the idea of comfort, hospitality and convenience. This radiates Mediterranean culture in the common living spaces in houses.

mediterranean style interior design

Creative approaches to design

Lastly, many of our country properties and villas present creative approaches to interior design. Their current owners use mosaic elements, mirrors, textured blankets, pillows and curtains. Playfulness is the key to success here! The Mediterranean design encompasses elements that are warm, rooted in history, and elevate your home to a chic level of elegance. It is as though you want to turn the smells, tastes and colours of Southern Europe into design elements. Accessories top it off! Bring the Mediterranean style alive with braids of garlic, dried flowers, a courtyard fountain, copper cookware, mosaic tabletops, or carved doors.

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Nienke Ernstsen | 12th February 2021