A Country House Like No Other

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If you live abroad in a city you might identify with the following. You can’t wait to go on a holiday in a sunny country surrounded by peace and quiet. Now that it’s summer we speak to clients about this concept even more than usual. Being constantly immersed in an environment with the sound of sirens, honking cars, agitated people can consume your energy. We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of this beautiful country house in Ronda. Imagine yourself going on a holiday in Andalusia, Spain, where the sun shines more than 320 days a year! Now take it a step further: envision yourself permanently living in this country house. What does that feel like? Let us know by filling in the contact form below!

Country house in Ronda is ready for a New Owner

What is great about Andalusia is that no matter where you live, there are a plethora of virgin lands to discover. Regardless of where you live, any beach or picturesque town, any restaurant, any vibrant larger city is within driving distance for a fun day trip! Keeping this in mind, think of the luxury lifestyle you can have if you live in this country house in Ronda.


Living here means living in the middle of nature, with the fun and ever-developing city of Ronda right around the corner. Here your day to day life is private and serene, but if you desire to eat at Michelin restaurants, or feel like exploring local ventas where they still serve a menú del día for 7 euros you are in the right place.

Rustic meets comfort

Here is another reason why you want to be the new owner of this country villa in Ronda. It gives you the feeling of the rustic Andalusian lifestyle as it is situated in the middle of a gorgeous olive grove. In addition, you will be wrapped in modernity and comfort. How?

  • A paved road leads to the property
  • There are high ceilings for extra space and brightness
  • Large balcony windows let the light flood in through every corner of the country house
  • There are Cor-Ten steel shutters on all windows
  • All windows are double glazed
  • For full connectivity, you can surf the internet with a fibre optic connection
  • AC units
  • 15 kW solar panels

Truly, nothing can beat this. This country house for sale in Ronda has it all.


Think fast, act fast

The country property real estate market in Andalusia is booming! Every day we speak to new clients who are ready to make a change, to start a new chapter in their lives. This exhilarates us because there is nothing that makes us happier than to share our Andalusian dream with you. Because of the fact that so many new clients from all over the world want to start a new life here in Andalusia, the luxury country properties are becoming scarce.

What does this mean for you?

In essence, what this means is that if you are ready to buy a country house in Andalusia, don’t think about it twice. Call us on +34 952 89 51 39, email us and buy your plane tickets to come visit and if it feels right, do it! There are many clients interested in the same country house you are interested in. Before you know it, it could be too late. We want to encourage you to believe in yourself and to indulge in the luxury Andalusian lifestyle.

Make this your country house by filling in the contact form!


Danielle Ernstsen | 3rd July 2023