Investing in Malaga: The Pull Effect

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We like to stay fully updated when it comes to world news. It helps us understand the market and possible movement we might experience. Local news is even more interesting to us and we love to share it with you! Today’s theme: investing in Malaga. Keep reading to find out what the pull effect is and what this means for the luxury country property market!

Recently an article was published that highlights the incredible benefits of recent investments in Málaga city. For many years now, Málaga province and especially Málaga capital has been experiencing rapid growth, resulting in an important economic boost. The enlarged airport, the new port, and the many new hotels, restaurants and events have ensured an increased popularity. Foreigners (and the Spaniards) are choosing Málaga over a beautiful island in Greece to spend their holidays. Isn’t that eye-opening?

Investing in Malaga

It is no news that currently, large investment funds are already interwoven in the economy of Málaga city. They have set foot in the hotel sector, housing developments, infrastructure, entrepreneurial startups, commercial buildings, etc. The experienced success has left them wanting more. To us this is no surprise. We know how beautiful Malaga is and we know its potential. When it comes to the real estate market we already experienced a shift in 2016. More and more clients from Northern Europe, the Middle East and America started investing in country properties. We also saw that more of our clients were interested in investing in a property that generates its own income. For us this meant we were selling more olive groves, vineyards and or hunting estates.

The director from the company Colliers International in Andalucía, Iñigo Molina, confirms that by 2016 many investors were indeed coming to Malaga for the real estate sector. Another boost, and perhaps even more significant came after the pandemic. This is something that we too have experienced. People living in colder climates, where life is predominantly inside knew they had to make an immediate change and invested their capital in exclusive and luxury properties in Andalusia. If you want to read more about the post-effect of COVID, read more here and here.


The Pull Effect

The pull effect is based on the ideology that “Money attracts Money”. Malaga is an incredibly powerful and dynamic city. It is beautiful and vibrant, making investing in Malaga incredibly attractive. This is what has been happening and what continues happening. Now that so many large investors are seeing the gem that Malaga is, more are coming this way. “As soon as one comes, more come” (Source: Iñigo Molina, Sur in English)

Essentially, Malaga is the place to be investing. On an international level it has set its foot on the map and is waving its flag stronger than ever! Did you know that our beloved city is already competing with cities like Madrid and Barcelona? Trust us, Malaga will be the new Miami, the new Singapore, the new Paris or London of Spain! Andalusia is now even more interesting to buy a second home. Undoubtedly investing in Malaga and its surroundings is the best choice you will make!

Of course, investing in Malaga is smart financially but the physical, emotional and mental health benefit you gain from living here is something else. If you listen well, you will hear Andalusia calling your name, telling you its time to make the move.

What does this mean for the country property market?

Malaga is a hub and now even more than before it is beneficial to invest in a second home in or around Málaga. Our market has always focused on the luxury countryside market because we believe in the tranquility and peace that nature gives us. So, having a second (or holiday) home in a radius of 30-90 minutes away from Malaga yields you the benefits of both worlds. On the one hand you live incredibly close to a city that is already booming and will continue growing and developing over the next decade at least! On the other hand you still get to enjoy the serenity of enjoying a delicious lunch in your private garden.

For over 20 years areas like Casares, Gaucín and Ronda have slowly but surely conquered their place on the map as attractive areas to live. We have many clients on a waiting list ready to invest in their dream home in the beautiful mountains of Casares, for example. We are helping them to realise that other areas like the Axarquía, Antequera, Iznájar or Priego de Córdoba also slowly and will surely conquer their place on the map as attractive areas to live too. The distance to Malaga city/airport and the coast is approximately the same and the landscapes are truly breathtaking!


The time to invest is Now!

Are you ready to make the move? Do you know for a fact that you want to live in Andalusia but you are unsure of where? Contact us via the contact form below and let’s schedule a call to get to know each other. We will help you find your dream home in the sunny south of Spain!


Danielle Ernstsen | 16th June 2023