Information about Priego de Cordoba

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Priego de Córdoba is a small city located in the province of Cordoba. It lies almost exactly in the centre of Andalusia, so undoubtedly this city has an important story to tell. Because Priego lies inland, the city has various undiscovered beautiful places to visit and many fun and delicious restaurants. It has become a very vibrant city over the last couple of years. The beauty is, however, that it doesn’t attract the hectic tourism you get in the Costa del Sol. At the end of the day, the coast is only 1.5 hours driving away if you want to enjoy the Mediterranean breeze. The cities Málaga and Granada are also within easy reach. 

What to do in Priego de Córdoba?

The city is also known as the city of water due to the many springs that pass through. Therefore, it comes to no surprise that one of the main things to do is to visit the fountains and springs in the city. The most important one: The King’s fountain, la Fuente del Rey. This fountain is actually one of the symbols of Priego. It has a baroque design, made in 1803. The name derives from the historical fact that during the period of Al-Andalus, king Alfonso XI reconquered the city from the Arabs in 1341. The fountain is an absolute marvel and a must-see in the city. The water flows out of 139 streams in the form of a waterfall from one level to the next.

Another fountain, located in the same square as the King’s fountain, is the fountain of health. Legends tell that if you stand with your back to the statue of the Virgin Mary and throw a coin in, your wish will become reality. Naturally, while you’re at it, visiting the touristic highlights, the Arab castle is a must. It is an imposing building right in the centre of the city.


Get lost in Barrio de la Villa

What we like to do most is walk around and let the aesthetics of the city or town decide our route. Barrio de la Villa definitely caught our attention! It is a typical street of Cordoba because everywhere you look, you will see walls decorated with flowered pots. Walking around here, you feel like you enter some sort of fairy tale, surrounded by vibrant colours.

Our favourite discovery in Barrio de la Villa was a very souvenir shop right next to the Rincón del Beso, the corner of Kisses.


What we encountered in that shop was much more than souvenirs. We had a lovely conversation with the local man who ran the shop, he told us all about Priego and about his hobbies! It turns out his ultimate passion is collecting ceramic treasures and other antique objects. He had a special section in his shop where he kept his favourite collections. The owner told us that some of the treasures he found over the years were too precious and unique to sell, so he simply exposes them for everyone to enjoy.

Gastronomy of Priego de Cordoba

The very first thing we want to tell you about is Turrolate. It comes close to an ‘energy bar’ created in Priego that has Arab origins. It is made of the best olive oil of Priego, cacao powder, flour and sugar. Its unique ingredients and consistency ensure the bar doesn’t melt, like maybe a chocolate bar would. People who practice sports take these all the time. It also appears to be a gift for pregnant women.

With regards to restaurants, you can eat your heart out! There is a wide range of places to treat yourself. On the one hand you can enjoy a classic tapa with a cold coca-cola or a cold beer in the middle of the street. On the other hand, you can enjoy more elaborated meals in bougie vinotecas and restaurants. The options are endless! Due to the increase in tourism, many have seized the opportunity to open a restaurant or hotel/B&B where you can enjoy a great meal any hour of the day. Of course, don’t forget to go to the local bakeries where you can enjoy homemade bread and dulces. On a hotter day, you must visit the ice-cream shops where they make their gelato themselves!

Olive Oil: A story on its own


It was known already that the Andalusian olive oil is considered to be liquid gold. But even within Andalucía there is a big jump between one olive oil and another. The olive oil of Priego de Córdoba specifically is famous because it is considered to be the best of Córdoba and even one of the best in the world! Since 2012 the olive oil from this region has won its place in the global ranking of World’s Best Olive Oil. 

Why is the olive oil so good here? It is due to its location in the Natural Park of the Sierras Subbéticas. The mountainous landscape, the warm mediterranean climate and not being influenced by the sea create the Goldilocks conditions. The olive oil created in Priego has the Denominación de Origen. The olive oil undergoes a series of checks & quality standards to ensure the authenticity and quality of the product.

Properties for Sale

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Danielle Ernstsen | 18th July 2023