A dream come true: your country estate in Casares

casares country estate
country estate in casares
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Unique to the eye and rare to find,  this country estate in Casares is a dream come true. There is only one of its kind! At this proximity of both beaches and mountains, integrating modern and classic architecture, enjoying both rural and updated comfort. Located in the hotspot of southern Spain, 20km from the beachline of the Costa del Sol. It’s a diamond in the rough, nestled in the rustic countryside of Andalusia. Ideal for those who wish to escape the hustle and bustle, and recapture the essence of country living at a one-of-a-kind natural landscape. 

Your home on this country estate in Casares

Scattered across 35 hectares of land, you will find a modern villa designed by the architect Keatinge-Clay, with a large garage, a classic reformed farmhouse and a stable block. The centrepiece of the estate is, of course, the modern villa. It is used as the main residence and has a spectacular architectural design. The English architect Paffard Keatinge-Clay, who was taught in the studio of the famous Swiss architect Le Corbusier, integrated beautiful Andalusian elements into the modern design of the main residence. Facing the Southwest, the large open living area breathes its surroundings and opens up to the large terrace. A fully fitted kitchen, three ample bedrooms and two bathrooms make this floor the main living floor. Downstairs there is a guest apartment with its own private terrace. Separate is the old classic farmhouse with two separate living units. With plenty of space for guests or the caretaker, this farmhouse still holds the old charm of Andalusian architecture and living. Whilst living in the luxury of a unique architectural main house, there are plenty of ways in which one can enjoy the traditional Andalusian farm life on this country estate in Casares.

The landscape of the estate

The panoramic views over the country estate are absolutely stunning. The Sierra Crestellina protecting your back, Gaucin shining with splendour on the Northside, and the beautiful Genal river at its foot. This estate has the main natural beauties of Casares at its doorstep.  The rustic land has provided the opportunity of developing an irrigated orchard in the valley of the estate. With about 400 trees, varying from oranges, avocados and lemons. Having its own water wells from the river Genal, the estate has plenty of farming opportunities. Together with the stables and barns, this estate could even turn out to be your own hobby farming project. All equipment necessary for the agricultural practices is available at the barn. So what’s more attractive than the option of adding these practices to your stay at this country estate in Casares?  Whilst enjoying your views of the natural splendour of the Andalusian countryside, you can also enjoy its fruits. Protected by the mountains, fed by the waters of its own land. The sweetness of the mature and ripe products of your land will become your new gold.

The best of both worlds

It’s rare to have an estate of 35 hectares, with an up-to-date main residence, multiple guest residences, farming possibilities, and excellent proximity to the coast and natural mountain reserves. Balance comes in multifold ways on your estate. You have the privacy of your estate, together with the public exposure of the vibrant Costa del Sol. The impressive architectural wonder of the main residence, as well as the traditional classic guest farmhouse. The rustic and wild natural countryside landscape, contrasting the mature irrigated orchard. It’s just spectacular to see how many options are available to you when living in this estate.

Do you want to know more about this country estate in Casares?

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Nienke Ernstsen | 2nd July 2021