Modernist architecture in Andalusia

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Open your eyes, and join us on an architectural ride through one of our most pristine country estates in Casares, Andalusia. One of its greatest selling points is its land. Gorgeously filled with old oak trees, sweet-smelling pines, and elegant wildflowers. However, the land isn’t the only thing carrying beauty. The main house located on the estate is a true gem. Designed by the fabulous Keatinge-Clay, who was taught in the famous studio of Le Corbusier. In this blog, we will tell you all the in’s and out’s you need to know about this unique and fantastic design! Enriching you with this knowledge about modernist architecture in Andalusia will make you fall in love with it.

Designed by a famous architect

Paffard Keatinge-Clay: the genius who made the Andalusian dream concrete. Literally, and figuratively. A visionary architect who brought the modernist tradition to Andalusian terrain. Keatinge-Clay was taught in the studio of Le Corbusier at 7 rue de Sèvres in Paris. He worked with the great giants of the modern movement: Le Corbusier himself, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Mies van der Rohe. These great inspiring figures have led to the beautiful creations that Keatinge-Clay has placed all over the world. A true international architect, with an inspiring eye for detail. His design for this country estate is a true reflection of the Andalusian surroundings and embeds the modernist tradition at its best. In an interview, Keatinge-Clay said he “learned that to touch souls, architecture needs to be elemental and pure”. This is something that has stayed true in the design of this country estate. The purity of Andalusian materials, the optimisation of the joyful landscape, and the use of authentic countryside styling. The thoughtfulness of Keatinge-Clay’s design adds up for this property to be a pearl. You may say that it is Andalusian architecture infused by the heart of the modernist tradition.

Andalusian charm set in stone

The main house of this gorgeous country estate hence shows amazing Andalusian architectural traits. We cannot help but wonder which elements inspired Keatinge-Clay to come to this wonderful design. Could it be inspired by the typical arched bodegas of the area? Is the local climate the reason behind its cooling structure? Did the Andalusian cortijos inspire the terracotta floors and concrete beams? One thing is for sure, this architect did a wonderful job at merging the modernist tradition with Andalusian charm. Elements that recur in his style and that of the modernist giants are for instance the use of concrete, open-plan living spaces and geometric designs. It’s a super-intelligent design, with a unique feel. Even though the look is modern, once you walk through the front door there is no doubt about the Andalusian vibe. It’s something one must experience to understand. The architect really did appeal to my senses when I first walked through this marvellous country villa. Speechless, I stood there, contemplating the incredibly spacious and calming architecture. Only then did I come to truly understand the enchanting charm of this property.

Modernist architecture in Andalusia

When you come to think of it, this is probably the only house in Andalusia featuring this blend of classic architecture with the modernist tradition. Staying pure to its roots, you will find nothing like it in the entire world. When walking through the open doors of the living room onto the terrace, you are overwhelmed by the vastness of the landscape. Nestled in the midst of the Mediterranean azure blue sea, and the brilliant Grazalema mountains near Ronda. Protected by the Sierra Crestellina, with land nourished by the Genal river. It opens your eyes and your heart to the Andalusian countryside. An opportunity to live in luxurious comfort, whilst being able to host guests at the main house and at the guest house. It is a true paradise for those looking for quietude and peace in the countryside, whilst still being in close proximity to the vibrant Costa del Sol. Can you imagine it? Living a superb private life in a paradisical estate in Casares. Enjoying the charm of the design of a famous architect on a daily basis. Sitting in the Andalusian sunshine, looking out over a gorgeous natural landscape. It is Andalusian architecture at its finest, with a gorgeous blend of modernist elements. A diamond in the rough, an estate of your dreams, and maybe even your dream come true…

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Nienke Ernstsen | 16th July 2021