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Premium gin Gaugin
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For already 12 years, Paul van den Heuvel continues to enjoy the views of Gibraltar from his ecological domain Finca La Corchuela, in Gaucin. His domain also planted the seed for his luxurious Mediterranean project. The fragrant herbs, along with the citrus fruits of his estate, are the DNA of his Mediterranean Style Gin. That’s how GauGin came to life. From the roots of this initial concept, a line of authentic flavours developed over the years. A premium gin, distilled in Belgium, with beautiful Mediterranean herbs and fruits. Currently, GauGin proudly counts three variants that enjoy international fame. In this blog we share the story of GauGin: an exceptional luxury product!

Luxury Gin Gaugin

An idea on the finca: GauGin

As an entrepreneur and investor, Van den Heuvel has a real creative spirit. He has had 40 beehives at his finca in Gaucin. The beehives on his estate produced liters of honey from the ecological flora nearby. Consequently, and with pleasure, many jars of honey were given as a present to the visitors of the finca. Until one day, the idea arose to use the honey for brewing a craft beer!

Van den Heuvel is a man with high quality standards: “in life, you do something great, or else, you don’t do it” he says. The craft honey beer fell short of expectations and the project was discontinued. However, this initial trial was the start of a new successful venture! An acquaintance of Van den Heuvel had casually asked: “Why don’t you make gin?” To which Van den Heuvel replied: “” Gin? Never, ever do I drink that! I said farewell to it when I was 18.” Yet, as an entrepreneur, he was intrigued. After a careful ‘trial’, the idea to distill his own top quality gin was born.

Top gin Gaugin

DNA inspired by the ecological domain in Gaucin

In the start-up phase, the lemons and oranges from the domain in Gaucin were used to distill the gin. The citrus fruits in this area are known for their high sugar content. The crispy cool nights in winter, together with melting hot summers, prolong the ripening process of the fruits. Thus, their taste is unique thanks to the long maturation process at an altitude of 700 m! Together with the added sage, rosemary, thyme and lavender from the estate, Van den Heuvel created the flavor palette of GauGin. It would be a gin with the Andalusian identity from the river valley, El Valle del Genal, in Gaucin. Together with a Belgian expert and an aroma professor, it took 4 years of research and development to set up the product line of GauGin. The junipers from Tuscany and Macedonia, together with the fruits and herbs of the GauGin site, form the DNA of the Mediterranean character. In total, the production process takes about four months. Currently, between three and four thousand bottles are produced per batch.

Gaugin unieke gin

Spanish roots with Belgian perfection: Premium Gin

The potential of the gardens of Finca La Corchuela became a reality in the production line in Belgium. The different gin variants receive top scores. GauGin II (with lemon) received the label of Best Belgian Gin. The spicy DNA of the ecological domain of Finca La Corchuela, together with the production in the traditional distillery in Oudenaarde (Belgium) brings GauGin to life. A premium luxury product. To be served with a neutral tonic: you don’t need any extras with a top quality gin!

Can you imagine? Sitting on your terrace, with a fabulous view on the Mediterranean sea. Feeling the radiant evening sun sparkling on your face. Hearing the soft rustle of the wind through the leaves around you. That is how you enjoy GauGin at its best. That, is pure pleasure.

Follow this link to see where you can order the gin.

If you live in Spain, it is best to order through the Corte Inglés.


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Nienke Ernstsen | 2nd April 2021