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The Spanish lifestyle treasures many unique aspects that people long for when searching for a home. Today we feature the hidden gem of the valley of el Hacho: an area that embodies the Spanish lifestyle and conquered the hearts of many over the years. El Hacho is a majestic mountain on the back of Gaucin, Andalusia. It is the home to century old oak trees, has imposing views on the Ronda mountains, and guards the privacy of hidden cortijos in its valley. It is for sure a hidden gem, and allows for a peaceful and minimalist Spanish lifestyle.

Spanish lifestyle: a life of quietude and serenity

In the early 1990s, an Iranian architect fell in love with the mountain valleys of Gaucin. He envisioned living the Spanish life in an authentic Spanish farmhouse. A life of quietude and serenity. The Spanish lifestyle is about living outdoors, and enjoying time with friends with family. It is about crystal clear blue skies, inhaling fresh air, and emerging yourself in a stunning natural setting. Spectacular views over the mountains, enjoying the Mediterranean climate. The feeling of privacy and privilege. 

Looking for a lifestyle in a cortijo

In his search for a country property in Southern Spain, the architect came across the wonders of the authentic and unique Spanish lifestyle around Gaucin. The different cultures that have lived here, and the rich soil giving fruit to its people, characterise the Andalusian culture. From prehistoric cultures that settled in areas such as the Cueva de la Pileta, to the Romans and Muslims that built strategic castles and roads to connect the land: this area is a history museum as you drive through it. Having discovered this, the architect couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful surroundings of El Hacho. Moreover, it’s proximity to the villages Gaucin and El Colmenar also offer the valley its charms.  In El Colmenar is a little train station, connecting Algeciras to Ronda. The 25min train ride from El Colmenar through the mountain valley to Ronda truly takes your breath away.  

The undeniable stunning weather most definitely also contributes to the Spanish lifestyle. Waking up with sunshine shining through your curtains, taking beautiful sunny walks in unspoilt nature, and having a lovely glass of wine on a terrace in your local village. Who wouldn’t sign up?

Lifestyle Southern Spain

Falling in, and never out of love

Gaucin truly has some stunning hidden treasures, yet the hills between Gaucin and Colmenar was where he kept coming back to! In the end it was the marvellous views, the magical routes in nature, and the calmness of the hills and valleys that conquered the heart of the Iranian architect. This area truly embodies the minimalistic peaceful Spanish lifestyle. It is this lifestyle that the architect fell in love with. He bought an old farmhouse here and renovated it to modern standards. Horses always formed part of his life, so stables were added, as an arena, as well as accomodation for staff. To accomodate more horses, more land was purchased. One of the plots had an old finca or cottage and as an architect he couldn’t resist the challenge to convert this into a charming guest house. Fully independant and private. And it didn’t stop there. Integrated in the stunning landscape 2 more authentic properties were developed, to share the amazing qualities of this unique part of the world. To share the quality of the Spanish lifestyle.

Do you already see yourself living in this area? The reformed Farmhouse is now for sale. And not long ago we also got the Andalusian cottage in our books. For more information send us an email to sales@villasfincas.com.


Nienke Ernstsen | 20th November 2020