Hunting in Sierra Morena

Hunting in Sierra Morena
Hunting in Sierra Morena
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Hunting in Sierra Morena is one of the favourite places for hunters. This is thanks to the climate, and the rich and varied vegetation. The great variety of plants, shrubs, bushes and groves serve as a refuge. Creating an ideal home for the different species of animals, being birds or land fauna.

What makes Sierra Morena one of the favourite areas for hunting lovers, be it either small game or big game. It is also a spectacular place to enjoy country life, look for that corner of Andalusia where you can breathe fresh air, where the noise of the city is transformed into the song of the birds and where the smell of the asphalt is transformed into the aroma of thousands of plants!

Fauna in Sierra Morena

Sierra Morena is made up of, among others, the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche mountain ranges and also the Sierra Norte mountains in Seville. In small game, we can find varieties such as partridge, pigeon, rabbit and turtledove. In big game, varieties such as deer and wild boar in greater proportion. But you can also hunt fallow deer, mouflon, roe deer and ibex.

Hunting modalities

Some of the forms of small game hunting in Andalusia are: hunting in hand, hunting by leap, peek, fixed stall, decoy hunting, waiting… The possibility of buying a farm with a magnificent typical Andalusian farmhouse and being able to enjoy this sport within the farm is a luxury that only some can afford.

Currently, in Andalusia there are eight types that are allowed in big game. Hook, beaten, management beaten, hunting in hand, stalking, waiting for the day and waiting for the night. If you are thinking of buying a hunting estate with Cortijo for the whole family to enjoy natures peace and quiet. Without a doubt, Aracena may be the place you are looking for!

Hunting in Sierra Morena wild boar

However, the modality that is increasingly in demand is stalking. A single hunter or two go out into the field accompanied by the estate’s guard, in search of a specific prey. They follow the tracks of the animals until they find them and hunt the chosen prey. The objective is not only to return with the animal, but also to enjoy the walk through the countryside while searching, to be in contact with nature, and to enjoy wonderful landscapes along the way.

This modality has reminded me of a time when together with my sister, we accompanied my father on a hunting trip. We walked for hours in the field, crossing streams and bushes. And after hunting several rabbits, we went up a hill and looked out over the mountains, a large area of the field and in the distance, other neighbouring towns. Definitely a sight to behold and a pleasure for those who love nature!

Hunting Estate

Other things to do in Sierra Morena

And as the tradition goes, after a hunting day the ideal thing to do is enjoy a great meal and share the experience lived with other hunters, or as they say “to tell lies”! El Alamo Restaurant in Hornachuelos, is one of the best restaurants in the area where you can enjoy bush meat among other delicious dishes while chatting and sharing laughs with friends and other hunters.

To finalize, in Sierra Morena there are a wide variety of farms that offer the possibility of combining hunting whilst enjoying life in the countryside. Stroll through magnificent green trails either on horseback or by foot and contemplate fabulous landscapes.

Aurelia Pérez Romo | 8th May 2020