Summer in Casares, the Andalusian experience

Views of Casares
Summer in Casares views
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A summer in Casares is a summer spent between the wonders of the coast and the mountains. This lovely Andalusian village provides you with the perfect balance between beachlife and the authenticity of true Andalusia. If you own a country property in the mountains around Casares it will take you 5 minutes to get to the village and only 10 minutes to the beach.  Many events happen throughout the summer. Events in which you experience the true Casares summer lifestyle. 


‘La Noche de San Juan’, a night to remember

The summer in Casares starts with the ‘Noche de San Juan’, the night of the 23rd of June.  There are many stories behind the explanation for why they celebrate this night, but it is mostly linked to the shortest night of the year.  The beach is prepared for a party night. There is live music, pop up bars and food stands and an area with games and rides for the children. At midnight there is a bonfire, to celebrate the start of the summer. The legend says that if you jump the first 3 waves on the seashore after midnight, your wishes for the summer will come true!  Whether that is true or not, this night is the perfect opportunity to join the party and start tasting the delicious Sangria and the grilled sardines and gambas.

‘Feria de Agosto’

The feria de Agosto is a yearly fair, celebrated during the first weekend in August. In 2019, the celebration will take place from the 31st of July to the 4th of August. The village anxiously waits every summer for this date, since it is the most wanted party of the year. Many events take place during these five days, starting with a Flamenco dance performance on Wednesday from the local dance school. Following, on Thursday, the coronation of the chosen queens and kings takes place. This ceremony attracts many proud families that get to see their beautiful relative walk up on stage.

On Friday and Saturday, the whole village is filled with live music performances and fair attractions. You will see families dancing the ‘pasodoble’ (a traditional Spanish dance) or children enjoying the rides. Finally, on Sunday, you will see the horses. They call this day the ‘Domingo Rociero’ where everyone assembles at the main square in the late afternoon, to celebrate the end of their feria. You will see people dancing dressed up in flamenco dresses, eating a delicious paella and drinking the famous ‘Tinto de Verano’. This day also includes a horse show organised and performed by locals. Being part of this festivity will make you have the best overview of summer in Casares.

Domingo Rociero

‘Feria del Cristo’

The feria del Cristo, literally translated to the feria of Christ, is the closing festivity of the summer. This normally takes place mid-September which means that the temperatures are more modest and the nights are colling down again. The children are preparing to go back to school. However, people do not say no to the last party before they have to part in the summer. This event only lasts three days and is also filled with live performances and fair attractions.

There is also another event, just before this feria, that is called ‘La fiesta de la Virgen’. At night, the Virgin Mary is taken out of the church and she is carried to the square where many people will sing for her. It is truly spectacular to see how these ladies sing for the Virgin Mary and how much passion and emotion they have within them. Their hearts and souls are left on the town square to show how much they care about their religion.

Spectacular sight-seeing

Summer in Casares includes long lazy days at the beach! However, you will have to be prepared to pick the right spot. Otherwise, families might just pick another spot right in front of you. Beware! They may place their picnic table, umbrellas, chairs and 25 relatives in between you and the sea. Even if it is just 1 meter away from the water!

Casares also contains many sight-seeing spots. Within the village, you will find the old Moorish castle at the top of the mountain. Part of it has been renovated, however other sections are still untouched. From here you have magnificent views of the village and of the Mediterranean coast looking towards Africa.

Right next to the village is the ‘Sierra Crestellina’ which provides you with an incredible hike to the top of a mountain of about 900 meters in height. There is also another walking trail through the ‘Monte del Duque’ with an incredible walk through the forest. Outside the village, at about a 10-minute drive, you will find the historic Roman Baths. Sulphur water from a well is canalized into an old Roman dome. It is said that Ceasar came to bathe here to heal his eczema. Although the smell might not be as nice, the watercolour will surprise you and the purifying mud will give you the softest skin you will ever have! The summer in Casares will give you the opportunity to enjoy these activities at most.

Summer in Casares Sierra Crestellina

Living during the summer in Casares

There is no better way than to experience these events with a house of your own. You can find beautiful properties hidden in the mountains with all the privacy you need. Moreover, apart from the magnificent environment in the mountains surrounded by nature, you will most definitely have an incredible view. Take as an example an idyllic retreat in the mountains, or a finca with an old olive grove. If you decide to live near the coast, the Chiringuitos (restaurants at the beach) will surprise you with delicious food and a nice swim in the Mediterranean Sea will be footsteps away! Chiringuito la Sal near the Roman ‘Torre de la Sal’ (salt tower) is a good example. We can also recommend a more upmarket chiringuito ‘Bahia Beach’ to taste the delicious fish in the salt dish.

Michelle Ernstsen | 2nd July 2019