Summer: Noche de San Juan in Casares

Playa Casares
Noche San Juan Casares
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Tonight we will celebrate again de traditional summernight party on the beach: La Noche de San Juan. Held every year on the night from the 23rd to the 24th of June. Casares is preparing the wooden statue on the beach which will be set to fire at 0.00hrs to chase away all bad spirits  so we can start fresh and new by jumping the first 3 waves after midnight.

Playa Casares

This event is not to missed! It will go accompanied by life music, dancing and there are various bars set up on the beach. It will be an enjoyable evening not only for the Casares inhabitants who live on the beach. No, all the villagers will come down the mountain as well. They will leave their country houses and fincas behind and celebrate!

Would you like to join? Even though the poster says it starts at 7pm, it really starts not earlier than 10-11pm and goes on to the early hours. Location? Playa Ancha de Casares

Oscar Ernstsen | 23rd June 2014