Modern Villa in Spain with Olive Farm

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Have you ever wondered about the practical side of owning a modern villa in Spain with an olive farm? Who maintains the farm? How should the farm be maintained? Are there any protocols to follow? Do you need to water the olive grove? When is it time to harvest? There are so many questions! But worry not, because after reading this blog your mental fog will have disappeared. 

Modern Villa in Spain

In the majestic countryside of Ronda, Málaga, Andalucía, there lies a gorgeous modern villa. This countryside villa embraces the best of both worlds. On the one hand you get to live an incredibly luxurious and comfortable life in your bright and spacious villa. And on the other hand, you live midst an olive grove, where the rugged nature requires hard labour. But, is it labour you have to do yourself? Only if you wish and if you are an olive expert! The people who work the land will be more than happy to accept your help if you offer and will teach you the ways with a smile on their face.

It is quite common for olive groves to cross several plots. So what happens, very basically said, is that the local farmers offer to take care of the land and will harvest when the time is ripe. In return, the owners get a few bottles of delicious olive oil as compensation. It is truly quite special to be able to say you are consuming (extra virgin) olive oil from your very own garden. Depending on the agreement, the farmers pay a rental fee for the land, or not.

From harvesting to liquid gold

Now that you know that you don’t actually have to take care of your olive grove, you can feel a little bit more at peace! But I can also imagine, that as you consume that delicious and soft olive oil in your modern villa in Spain, you might be curious about the process. How on Earth does an olive turn into such perfection? Let us explain the process to you. For a more immersive experience click on this link to view the YouTube video!

The process starts with the manual harvesting, meaning the olives are taken off the trees and fall onto nets where they are collected. Step 2 is to eliminate the largest portion of leaves and twigs from the initial harvest. This batch of olives is then transported to a coorporativa. Upon arrival, the olives are deposited into their first chamber where the weight is checked. The olives undergo several cleaning processes before pressed. They are washed several times, and are transferred to a different chamber in the production. In each process and transfer, more leaves and twigs are eliminated so that when the time comes for grinding and pressing, only the olives are left over.

During the process of grinding and pressing, that is when the olive oil is created. Now the only thing left to do is bottling.  Don’t you just love it?



If you have been dreaming of owning a modern villa in Spain for as long as you can remember, and owning an olive grove is just an additional bonus then contact us right away! We have the perfect property for you in mind!

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Danielle Ernstsen | 1st December 2023