Finca for Sale in Andalucia

finca for sale andalucia
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Invest in a piece of authenticity through this finca for sale in Andalucia. This gorgeous country villa is not just luxury home, it is an investment in your future. Ronda is probably one of the best places to invest in, if you desire to live in an authentic and historic environment. Keep reading to understand why this Andalusian villa is the perfect future investment. 

An Investment for the Future

It is the dream of many to buy a country property in Andalucía, Spain, and to build the house of their dreams. This plan is often shattered when they find out that building in Andalucía is quite difficult due to the legislation. Click if you want to read more about building on rustic land in Andalucía. With the latest update, the LISTA, the law has become somewhat more flexible and building on rustic land has at least become an option again! Very basically said, if you have at least 25.000m2 of land you would be able to build 1% after your plan de actuación is approved by the local town hall.

Why is this an interesting point? This beautiful luxury finca for sale in Andalucia, Ronda, has an additional 25.000m2 where you would be allowed to build if your project is approved! This is fantastic news because it creates endless possibilities for you, as the new owner. Just think about what you can do with an additional building on a private and separate plot:

  • Build a rental unit for additional & passive income
  • Build an additional guest or staff house
  • Build a private gym & spa
  • Etc

country villa for sale andalucia, ronda

Finca for sale in Andalucia

When we talk about country villas, this one is definitely on our top 5 list. It has gorgeous architecture, fantastic gardens, a beautiful & relaxing infinity pool, great modern appliances and features, large windows for natural light… We could go on and on. It already comes with a fantastic guest house, ideal to invite family and friends over allowing them and yourself the necessary and desired privacy.

Luxury Andalusian Villas of this quality are rare. The location is breathtaking and everything is brand new. You can step into this house and start living the life of your dreams tomorrow! Everything you want is right around the corner too! Groceries, shopping, hair-dresser, medical centre, the greatest restaurants, hiking routes, natural springs… Again, we can go on and on and on. If you secretly wanted to know more about Ronda, click here.

Contact & Viewings

Now just one more thing left to do: Contact Villas & Fincas Country Properties. Make sure to give us a call on +34 952 89 51 39 or send an email to [email protected]. Finally, for more comfort you can also leave your contact details behind and we will contact you about this property. We cannot wait to speak with you!


Danielle Ernstsen | 29th November 2023