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Ladies and gentlemen. Life is changing. And we all sense it. After having suffered a nearly 2-year global pandemic, many have changed their priorities and wishes in life. Since March 2020, we have noticed how the trend for buying country property in Spain has significantly increased. Every day we talk to clients who are longing to move out of the busy cities and countries. They are looking to spend more hours outside in nature, and in the sun. This goes for everyone who is looking to settle in the countryside. Mostly looking to settle in peace, connect to nature and relax with joy. This is the reason why our country properties are hot on the wish lists! In this blog, we feature one of the best opportunities available in Casares: this is your chance to buy a Cortijo in Andalucia

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The specs of the countryside

There are people who immediately understand, and there are people that grow into understanding. The countryside is a complex tight-knit phenomenon that enchants people. Whether it’s its oozing nature… The ease of tranquillity… Or the vibrant range of colours… For everyone, there’s a different reason to fall in love with the Andalusian countryside. One thing is for sure, there are many reasons why people end up choosing the countryside over residential areas near a city. In the area of Casares, the main attraction factors are manifold. Amongst them are the unique hiking and hacking routes carving through historical paths in the mountains. Also, having excellent restaurants in close proximity such as Restaurante Sarmiento and Arroyo Hondo. Even the typical local restaurants such as Venta Victoria, are great tasters for Andalusian cuisine.

Another heavy-weight factor that plays a role for people to choose to live in the countryside of Casares is its accessibility. To clarify, the village is usually 5 minutes from country houses, the beach at 10 minutes and all the bigger amenities of cities such as Marbella and Estepona are within a 20-45 minutes drive. Who wouldn’t want to live in a place that has the best of both worlds? The Cortijo featured in this blog has all of these elements at its doorstep! Are you sold already?

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Love at first sight

We always tell our clients that the most important thing is to have a good feeling about a house. For example, maybe it’s you feeling at home instantly, or you being able to idealize how you’d live there and how you’d renovate and redecorate! All are signals that the house is ready to be made yours. Mostly, the location is what sells the house. Some love to be tucked away and protected in a valley. Others love the ‘naked’ locations with 360º open views! Some love to be hidden under the shadows from large and mature trees. Others love landscaped gardens with automatic irrigation installed all over. I think you get the point. There are many different aspects that make the location and setting of these houses unique, and it’s this that catches the eye of our clients.

With regards to this beautiful authentic Cortijo in Casares, it is situated on a plot with steep and flat areas. It has a beautifully landscaped lawn, with a gorgeous wild and mature plot surrounding the house and gardens. Moreover, it’s orientated to the South, with direct views of the Mediterranean sea. On a clear day, you can even see Morrocco and Gibraltar. This adds to the magic of the authentic elements incorporated in the Andalusian design of this Cortijo. In short, it’s literally the dream location.

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Buy a cortijo in Andalucia

So you’ve decided to move to the countryside. Fell in love with the specs of a certain area. Found a house, that with some personal touches it will become your dream house. It is now time to buy a Cortijo in Andalucia. Our team of professionals is happy to guide you from A-Z in the process. Subsequently, post-sales we are happy to bring you in contact with a team of cleaners, gardeners, or architects that can help you to prepare your dream home. Certainly, to buy a Cortijo in Andalucia is a step towards a happy (sunny) place.

To conclude, imagine this beautiful Cortijo in Casares is yours. You have redecorated and renovated to personal taste. You have taken a step towards living in the countryside to enjoy the quietude and tranquillity. It’s a process that unfolds naturally once this Cortijo has taken your breath away. Truly, this Cortijo is an opportunity. You rarely come across country houses with a Cortijo-style of this size, at this proximity of the coast, with a great plot and amazing views. That’s why we are inviting you to open up your eyes in your search to find what will be the final drop for you. Are you ready to join us in your search?

Are you interested in purchasing this Cortijo in Casares?

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Nienke Ernstsen | 22nd October 2021