Luxury country villa for sale in Andalucia

country villa for sale in Andalucia
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There is something unique about the combination of the following two words: country & villa. A country villa. As experts in the field, having worked in country properties since 2001, we know that a country villa might well be the dream of most dreamers that come to live in Andalucia. Enjoying the best of both worlds: proximity to civilization and privacy in nature. Boasting classic architecture, featuring elements of authentic cortijos. Being at the heart of the ‘green lungs’ of the Costa del Sol, as well as being at a 10min ride from the beach. This exclusive country villa for sale in Andalucia is a dream come true. In this blog, we will give you the ins and outs you need to know about this property.

country property for sale in Andalucia

About the countryside

After a pressuring rush in the pandemic, many have left the city to live in the countryside. Our home village Casares, the white-washed little mountain village set at just over 400m above sea level, offers spectacular country living. Whilst being on the doorstep of the hustle and bustle of the Costa del Sol, it enjoys major privacy and natural surroundings. Casares has flourished with new property owners that enrich the international community and give a new life to the country villas for sale in the area. Life in the countryside in Casares offers the opportunity to truly enjoy the Andalusian lifestyle. Our beautiful country villa featured in this blog is conveniently hidden in one of the mountain areas of Casares. It enjoys spectacular views of Gibraltar and the Morrocan coast. Moreover, it is protected by the natural reserve of the Sierra Bermeja and Monte del Duque. The plot is large enough to keep a horse or to grow a kitchen-ready organic vegetable garden. The living quarters are spacious and lush with an authentic Cortijo design. For those who enjoy their private time but love hosting guests, there are additional rooms to accommodate friends and loved ones. What more could you wish for? It is rare to have such an outstanding country villa for sale in Andalucia that presents all of the above-mentioned features!

country property for sale near Marbella

Villa or country villa?

Previously we have discussed the luxury of owning a property in Andalucia in one of our blogs. Many are not only looking for properties for sale in Andalucia for their holidays, but they are also looking to make it their home. We have seen a trend picking up in the last year, where clients are looking to move to quieter areas. To live in a villa in Marbella or Sotogrande is passé. To live on a natural plot at a fair drive from these areas is the new chic. For this reason, our inquiries on a country villa for sale in Andalucia are rising by the minute. Our featured country villa in Casares is therefore an exemplary property that meets all the requirements. Are you looking to avoid busy roads, and look up the quiet and rustic country life? This is the property for you! Are you looking to have 360º natural views? This is the property for you! Are you looking to spoil yourself with privacy, fresh scents, and organic produce? This is the property for you! The association of the countryside has shifted from just being rustic, to being a luxury. If you are looking to buy a property in Andalucia, we definitely advise you to value the assets of country properties.

country villa for sale in casares

Property for sale in Andalucia

Whether you are going for tapas on a lovely evening at Restaurante Sarmiento, hacking Riding Fun in the Sun through the Genal valley, or simply enjoying the local hikes on the Sierra Crestellina and surroundings. All reflect the beauty of what life can be like when purchasing a property in Andalucia. Our luxury country villa in Casares is nestled in the midst of these opportunities. Imagine the following start of your day. One morning you can decide to enjoy the orange morning sunrise whilst inhaling the smell of wild thyme and pine trees. Follow up the day with a good Spanish café solo, and a toast with organic tomatoes at a local Venta-restaurant. Taking a walk on the volcanic sand beaches whilst the warm sunrays stroke your cheeks. What would you do next? Prepare your garden for the new seasonal herbs and vegetables? Head to the city for some vibrant lunch place or some shopping? Relax by the pool and listen to the swinging song of chirping birds? All is possible when you live in a country villa like this one.

Are you interested in buying this gorgeous country villa in Andalucia?

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Nienke Ernstsen | 24th September 2021