Information about Casarabonela

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With the historical role as a source of wine export for the Roman Empire, Casarabonela lies between the shadows of the Sierra de las Nieves in the inland grounds of Andalusia. Embedded in lands of fruitful olive farms, orange trees, almond trees, and avocados, Casarabonela is an authentic village only 30min away from Málaga and its airport, and only 50min away from Marbella and Ronda. Amongst its people, nicknamed “moriscos”, the true Andalusian lifestyle comes to life with the sparks of inland sunshine, and declivitous streets structuring the old houses portraying the original corners of Andalusian history.

Living in the area of Casarabonela means combining the peace and quiet of the beautiful countryside and mountains with the proximity of the international facilities on the coast. Around Casarabonela you will find a variety of country houses. You will see the authentically restored farmhouses, fincas and cortijos, but you will also find luxury villas on large plots of land. The owners have one important characteristic in common: They love the Andalusian countryside, they love to be inland Andalusia, in the middle of nature, close to an authentic village, yet they do not want to live isolated. To have the city of Málaga at easy reach has been vital in their decision to purchase a house in Casarabonela.

Facilities and services in Casarabonela

Despite being inhabited by a relatively small number of 2.600 people, Casarabonela provides all the basic services needed on a first-hand basis. It hosts a public school for children up to the age of 14. From this point onwards, neighbouring towns and cities offer full secondary educations, including bilingual and international schooling. Moreover, medical services, the municipality’s swimming pool, local shops, and supermarkets are spread over the intertwining Moorish streets of the village. Through snakelike curves, one can wander around the streets, and be charmed by local goods and services.

Wining & Dining in Casarabonela

Themed by home cooking, Casarabonela surprises your appetite with the most delicious bites and local secrecy in its dishes. On the road twigging its way to Casarabonela town, Restaurante Cortijo Antigua Venta San Antonio is one of the exemplary places to go in order to for a typical Spanish atmosphere that serves you with “Grandma’s best dish”! There are plenty of other restaurants serving the most delicious local dishes within the village itself. Delight yourself with dishes topped off with the best local olive oils, honey, almonds, and meats.

What to do in Casarabonela?

Be impressed by the Botanical Garden of Cacti, located at the seaside entrance of Casarabonela. With views on the seaside, and on the Natural Park of Sierra de las Nieves, this museum hosts over 2.200 species in an area of 8.000m2. Moreover, Casarabonela benefits from a microclimate, which enables hiking routes through the mountains, horse riding through the valleys, and drinking a fresh soda, or a Spanish coffee on a terrace. On the other hand, one can also lust after the local architecture and monuments by visiting the Santiago Apóstol Church, the “Molino de los Mizos” (the old village windmill), or the old Moorish castle preserved at the centre of the village. To live the tranquil, peaceful, Andalusian airs, Casarabonela hosts you with a homecoming traditional atmosphere in the middle of nature.

Danielle Ernstsen | 12th May 2023