Estudio 58, New Gallery in Casares

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Casares oozes inspiration, creativity and natural beauty. Many try and capture the light putting pen to paper or brush to canvas, but very few capture the true colours of Casares like Kenneth Godfrey. Our local artist has recently opened his own art gallery, Estudio 58. Now open to the public, many more are fortunate to be able to visualize his works of art. 

About the artist

Ken Godfrey is of Indian heritage, born in Scotland. His many travels have seen him through South Africa, England, throughout the European continent. Finally ending up in the white-washed mountain village of Casares. He came to Andalusia on holiday in the ’80s for two weeks and, like many, fell in love with the area. And it’s of no surprise, Casares is the perfect backdrop! Its dramatic balance on top of the mountain, the surrounding countryside and the Mediterranean flowing in the background… Views to Africa and Gibraltar just put the cherry on top of this Andalusian town. Kenneth returned to England and realised what he had left behind. So he packed his things and was back in Casares within three short days! Ken had always been busy working and creating his company in the UK. Yet he wanted to dedicate himself to what he loved most, art. And now, he is a fully integrated casareño! Now, he spends his days enjoying the scenic landscape, painting from his quaint studio, just metres from history, the old castle of Casares.

Ken is trained in Fine Art and Industrial Design. Ken’s work is exhibited in many worldwide galleries. Furthermore, in private collections in places such as South Africa, UK, USA, Russia, Holland and Spain. He has a wide range of abilities when it comes to art, such as still life, landscape, portraits, and the nude figure. The art movements used range from Impressionism to Abstraction and Expressionism. For those wishing to dominate these techniques, or simply just enjoy art and wish to learn more, Kenneth Godfrey offers classes to all ages. His art classes are a haven to discover the talent we all have deep down, to stimulate our unique creativity and improve drawing skills. Ken communicates his mastery of techniques such as acrylic, engraving, lithographs, oils and more.

The town hall of Casares is very proud of Ken, integrating himself completely into the community. The town hall has even acquired a painting from the artist. A beautiful representation of the village, the geometric shapes of the houses, under the village castle and surrounding landscape. The painting has been given pride of place, to be admired by the many visitors and neighbours of the village.

Estudio 58

In the middle of town right on the plaza, you will find the new gallery Estudio 58. Recently renovated, the gallery presents Ken’s work beautifully. Thanks to its ideal location, passing tourists are drawn to enter to gaze and purchase these stunning pieces of art. Other than purchasing a painting, you can also buy souvenirs of his art such as postcards, t-shirts, mugs and cards.

The opening hours for the Estudio 58 gallery are:

SUMMER: Wednesday to Sunday. 10:00h – 14:ooh and 19:30h – 23:30h. Monday and Tuesday closed.

WINTER: Wednesday to Sunday. 10:00h – 17:00h. Monday and Tuesday closed.

So, pop in and enjoy! For more information, please contact Kenneth Godfrey on 656 257 416 or email

Rebecca Marriott | 25th July 2019