Hello Spring!

Hello Spring
Hello Spring
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Finally! Spring is in the air! We have had an awful lot of rain, but it has done an awful lot of good too! The flowers are sprouting, blossom on the trees, everything is green!! It’s so beautiful! Here at Villas & Fincas, we have been listing some amazing country properties in the area of Casares, Gaucín, La Herradura and the Costa de la Luz, and I must say, it has been a pleasure! To see all of the different colours of the exuberant flowers and plants is stunning!

Hello Spring Casares

A walk through Spring’s nature

Around Casares and Gaucín are many areas to check out at this time of year, Spring brings nice and warm weather but not too hot!

For those who like walking through untouched nature, there are various trails to be taken: mountain bike over the Sierra Crestellina mountains, overlooking the coastal area; the Canuto de la Utrera walk, one of the most, unique, geological junctures of the entire Peninsula, it is considered to be the most southern karst in Europe. Their erosion has shaped a unique rocky landscape.

On the A-377 Manilva – Gaucín junction, there is a plateau guarded by a ruined section of wall. Here ly the remains of one of the best conserved, old, Roman towns of Spain, Lacipo. It was founded in the 2nd Century BC for the local population, and it grew considerably! It was a seat of government for the immediate area until it declined in the second century AD. Lacipo was the object of archaeological excavations that brought forth materials deposited today in the provincial archaeological museum of Málaga.

Caesar’s Saviour

Hello Spring Casares

Legend has it that Julius Caesar relieved a herpetic disease in the Roman baths, today known as the Baños de la Hedionda. These are ferric-sulphurous baths of Roman origin and rebuilt by the moors. The baths consist of a spa with a spherical vault of shells and with two barrel vaults on the east side, all under water. The Arabs remodelled in a later period of time resulting in different levels. What is certain here, is that his troops bathed waiting for the confrontation with Pompeii, and found relief from skin diseases. The area of the baths is declared as an Asset of Cultural Interest. When visiting, some even take plastic pots and fill them with the clay found here!

Living in the Casares countryside, much more than the beach!

Owning a country property near Casares, we have the great benefit of being surrounded by nature and at only 15 minutes to the coast. But life here is so much more than the impressive beaches this area has to offer, there are so many outdoor activities such as horse riding trails, mountain biking, trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, walks through hidden paths…

it is always a pleasure to take a walk on the beach, but why not try something different before Spring changes to Summer and it’s too hot to even think about moving!

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