Owning a Shooting estate in Andalusia

hunting estate andalusia
shooting estate Andalusia
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Driving through the impressive countryside in the South of Spain you understand why owning a Shooting estate in Andalusia is so popular. Historically the Spanish royals would come to the Sierra Morena during the hunting season. They travelled from one estate to the other, to enjoy their sport in good company. Many of these estates  are still owned by the noble families. Every now and then, a shooting estate in Andalusia comes up for sale.

shooting estate andalusia

The wildlife in the Andalusian mountains is spectacular. Leaving early morning, exloring the estate, it is breathtaking to see the animals. Amongst species hunted in Andalusia you find Deer, Spanish Ibex, Mouflon, Barbary sheep and of course wild boar. For small game, partridge shooting is quite popular. The sunny and warm climate in Andalusia makes it possible to hunt comfortably all year round.

The mansion on the shooting estate in Andalusia

We come across the most fabulous mansions on the shooting estates. Sometimes they take you back in history and you find yourself in a manor house with separate staff quarters. These houses are built so that staff can reach the dining room, the sitting room and the bedrooms through their own secret hallways and staircases. However, other mansion are reformed completely into a comfortable villa with ample guest accomodations. These new style mansions are completely adapted to todays qualities and standards. Whether it is an old castle or a comfortable villa style mansion, owning a shooting estate is an expensive hobby.  This is why in many cases, part of the estate is used for farming. This way they provide an income to help maintain the estate.

Shooting in Andalusia

Montería or driven hunt is a traditional form of hunting in Andalusia. This is used for example for hunting deer and wild boar. A montería offers up to 25 stands and allows 2 or 3 trophees per shooter. Monterías are strictly regulated by the Junta de Andalucía. In a hunting plan you descrbibe the population on your estate and  based on this you will get permission to organize these monterías. The amount animals you can shoot and driven hunts you are allowed to organize depend on the size of your finca (estate) and the population. Stalking is not regulated in this way.


Anita Schmidt | 18th October 2016