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country property Casares
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We have nearly reached the end of the summer holidays and find it a good time to look back on developments with regards to country property Casares. We can definitely say that the first half of 2016 has been extremely succesful and there is a lack of country properties in the price range around 500.000€.

Country property Casares Andalusia

At the start of 2016 it was quite obvious that the property market was recovering quickly. We saw an increase in web visits and enquiries. This lead to an increase in viewings as well and eventually to sales. More than one country property in Casares that had been on the market for a long time gained renewed interest. The vendors were pleased and happy to finally get serious offers in.

Example of a hot Country property Casares

Looking at the properties that have been sold, we can state that the demand in Casares is diverse. We have sold  a smaller country property that needed renovation. Furthermore several mid range properties ( 400.000€ to 600.000€),  originally built some 20 years ago, needing some updating. In the higher range we have sold the villa styled country properties, with the spectacular sea views Casares is known for. Almost all of the properties are initially used as a holiday home. The intention is to turn them into semi permanent residences in a later phase in life.

Looking at the current demand, we have a lack of good properties around the 500.000€ benchmark. Now that a large part of the stock in this segment has been sold, we are unable to meet new requests from clients.

Who buys a country property Casares?

Who buys a country property in Casares is a fairly simple question to answer. Whether the client is looking for a finca, a holiday villa, a cosy country house or an equestrian estate, they have some characteristics in common. The countryside and  mountains and the privacy that comes with it are cherished. They like the coastal activities, the beach and  golf courses, yet prefer to enjoy them from a distance. The holiday crowds are OK every now and then and it is convenient to have all facilities at a 10 to 15 minute drive. There is no doubt however that they never want to live in the middle of this hustle and bustle.

Very often the purchasers are combining different profiles of ‘the ideal holiday’ with their country property Casares. Where one of the guests takes off for a hike through the mountains, the other can take the car down to the coast for a relaxing day on the beach. Or some of the holiday makers like to go for a stroll through the countryside on horseback, whilst others want to visit the shopping mall La Cañada. It is so easy to combine the different interests during a holiday in Casares.

At night the family joins together for a meal in one of the excellent restaurants on the Casares road. Whether it’s Arroyo Hondo, The Forge, Venta Garcia or the Michelin star Kabuki Raw, all are within a 5 minute drive.

No wonder we have a shortage of property in a certain price range. Casares is the ideal place to bring your family and friends together!


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