Summer Newsletter: Half-year updates

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Dear readers: The summer season has begun so we present to you our Summer Newsletter! We are excited to give you an exclusive insight into some of the most interesting sales, market trends, and cultural highlights of the first half of 2024. This year has already revealed remarkable developments and memorable moments worth sharing. As a family-owned company, we are proud to share the stories and successes that define our community and industry in the country property market of Andalusia.

Sales Spotlight: Stories behind the closings.

The quickest sale of 2024

The first is our rare reform opportunity in Casares. 20 years ago, when we started our business, our portfolio consisted only of fincas that were waiting to get a complete do-up. Over the years, these fincas have been bought, reformed, and put back in the market. Therefore, it is rare to find these in the current market, especially in Casares! Nevertheless, this year we had the pleasure to work with a family that has been here since the 90s. An idyllic location, with sea views, mountain views and views towards the village.

Not long ago we posted the story of our English neighbours in Casares (see full interview here), inspiring our followers to engage in such a project. And what a timing! Our newest listing provided prospective buyers the possibility to follow their reform dreams. Posted on a Friday, and sold on a Monday for the asking price. The quickest sale of 2024. An emotional rollercoaster for sure. And that’s what makes our job so special. We get to play a small part in some major transitions of people’s lives. Where one generation leaves a chapter behind, the other generation is about to commence a new one.

A real Ronda Classic

The second we’d like to highlight is a classic beauty in Ronda. It’s one of those properties that will go down in history as a gem. The allure of traditional Andalusian architecture, the attention to detail in aesthetics, and the absolutely impeccable taste in styling. We have seen all types of architectural trends come and go in the years we’ve been operating. However, the one that always ticks all the boxes is the authentic Andalusian style. Dating back to Roman and Moorish times, the elements used are not only aesthetic but also functional.

To our surprise, we received a note late 2023 about a new property in Ronda. We prepped our marketing strategy and visual presentation just under a week and published the property with all our excitement. Many prospective buyers didn’t even have the chance to fly out because within a week, it was sold for the asking price. Our specialised marketing strategy proved to be a success one more time. Finding a match for country properties has always been finding a needle in a haystack, but with our latest strategy we have more efficient ways of finding that needle.

If you own a country property in Andalucía, and are thinking of selling contact us so we can help you take the next step!

finca for sale ronda

Navigating the Market: Analysing the year’s most impactful trends.

The market of the first half of 2024 has been very exciting. We could say that the market is booming! Whilst the sellers market is still tight like in 2023, the buyers market has been growing steadily. There’s a growing demand for country properties as people seek more space and natural surroundings. The rise of remote working is making rural Andalusian properties even more appealing. More people are also interested in eco-friendly homes and renovating traditional houses with modern systems and features.

We sense that we are in the middle of a shift towards more sustainable living. We also see that current property owners are therefore not in a hurry to bring their properties back on the market. Many are investing in modernisations, and cleaning up the property. Whether for themselves, or the next generation. This means that when we do have a property in our books ready for sale, the fly out!

Hence, if you are looking to buy a country home in Andalusia, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can have a conversation about your requirements and expectations, and help you find your dream property.

Cultural Curiosities: Highlighting the soul of Andalusia.

Last but not least, some cultural highlights. It is the reason why we moved to Spain, and the reason why we are grateful to live here every single day.

Amongst other highlights this year, we experienced an unforgettable Holy Week. Semana Santa is a time of profound reflection and devotion, where the heart of Andalusia’s cultural and religious identity shines through. The Easter celebrations take place during seven days, featuring from vibrant processions and open-air music performances, to silent communal prayers in the church. On some days, it seemed as though Spain’s prayers for rain were answered, with torrential downpours blessing the streets. I overheard a lady say: “It seems like God is crying with us.” A deeply moving experience, especially under the current climate conditions of Andalusia. Read more about this year’s Holy Week in our blog.

On the festive side of things, the feria season was inaugurated in April. Ferias are the emblematic celebrations of villages and cities that you cannot miss. If you don’t know what to expect, check out what the Feria Season of 2024 holds for you in our blog. Multi-generational events, where the young and old share the dance floor, attractions and restaurant tables all at once. Packed with cultural heritage, with horse riding shows, flamenco performances and typical foods and drinks. It’s a must-see if you are here in the summer season!

Last but not least, very recently on the 23rd of June we celebrated San Juan! The night consists of an enormous bonfire, hoguera, fireworks and music! It is traditional to swim in the sea or wet your feet as they say it brings good luck and fortune!


Villas & Fincas is happy to have such a kickstart of 2024. Thank you for making this possible to all of our sellers, buyers, followers, collaborators and all others.

Nienke Ernstsen | 28th June 2024