Happy Holidays – Christmas Newsletter 2023

Christmas in Andalucia
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Gratitude creates a vision for Tomorrow

It feels like yesterday when 2023 started. And here we are, almost a year later, looking back on the exhilarating year we have lived. What we can say about 2023 is that without a doubt, it was full of adventure and challenges. It was, therefore, a year of growth

Life becomes rich with gratitude

This year we have a lot to be grateful for. In full honesty, 2023 was quite demanding for our small family business. We were confronted with challenges on a professional level as well as on a personal level. But we know we are not alone. Therefore, we want to begin expressing our gratitude to every single one of you

Thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for your recommendations. Thank you for your beautiful & kind words in reviews. Thank you for your trust in us. Thank you, above all, for believing in us. You help us thrive. It is because of you that Villas & Fincas can keep moving forward. It is because of you that we look back today and feel a warm pulse in our hearts. 

Focusing & Excelling

Let’s jump back in time to 2001, when the journey for Villas & Fincas began in our niche market of Country properties in Andalusia. Our first sale was a ruin in the village of Casares. Twenty two years later, we can proudly say that we are now fully capacitated to sell majestic hunting estates. Our focus on exclusive country properties, our dedication whilst building up our knowledge and client base, and your support has brought us here. Thank you for supporting us throughout the years and pushing us to excel. By making your dreams come true, ours have become reality too.

For every business, for every person, life comes in ups and downs. We are faced with moments of uncertainty but we learn from these tougher times to keep on thriving on the road ahead. We rearrange our plans and strategies. It is exactly this continuous movement that keeps us forever curious at Villas & Fincas, and we are grateful for every opportunity to do so. 

Team Villas & Fincas

Andalucía, our home

Last but not least, we are thankful for Andalucía, our home. We are grateful for the weather, the sun, and the food. The culture, the festivities and celebrations. No matter how many years go by, we are still astonished by the instant warmth and help we receive from complete strangers. Not to mention the impressive nature that keeps astonishing us. Thank you, Andalucía, for giving us more than we could have ever imagined!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May 2024 be your year. 

Our best wishes to you, 

Team Villas & Fincas

Danielle Ernstsen | 22nd December 2023