The Andalusian lifestyle – Cortijo for sale in Andalucia

cortijo for sale andalucia
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As we mentioned in our last blog, this Cortijo for sale in Andalucia is an ideal home for those looking to experience the authentic Andalusian way of living. Surrounded by the golden oil that is iconic in the south of Spain, it truly embodies the relaxed lifestyle. Peaceful and genuine, a piece of paradise just 30 minutes inland. 

History within walls

A fortress in the campo, with 4-metre high walls enclosing around the courtyard. A space to be enjoyed all year round. Wintertime can be cold, so the various living rooms invite you to snuggle up with a blanket, play some board games or a good book. Spring strolls through and the fields are full of almond blossom. Then, the best time of year comes, Summers! This is where the courtyard really shines through! BBQs, pool dips, reunions under the shade of the Morrocan terrace, and so much more!

I can go on and on about the beauty and ambience, however, why don’t you check it out for yourselves below?

Cortijo for sale in Andalucia

Many wish to start a future living down south. An easy to manage, farmhouse property, maybe with some productive land or a side business… Here, it’s all ready to go!

Currently, the owners rent out a part of the Cortijo for sale in Andalucia to guests as a self-catered holiday let. We have seen a lot of homebuyers wanting to do this kind of “jobby” let’s say. Something to keep them busy, and not just sat on a sun lounger, as they say! Therefore, it’s a nice way to bring in a little income to at least cover costs, and meet new people! The olive grove, of 250 olive trees, is cared for by a local farmer who in return, gives some of the oil back to the owners. Easy and manageable!

Whatever you are looking to do, this Cortijo offers something for everyone.

Are you interested in this Cortijo for sale in Andalucia?

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Rebecca Marriott | 17th March 2022