The history behind a country estate for sale in Andalucia

Andalucia country estate
country estate in Andalucia
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From villas, haciendas, and palaces, Spain is covered in luxury estates that date back to ancient times. Royals and monarchs ruled over the activities that took place in these estates for centuries. Country estates were dedicated to hunting, labour… Or simply just for privacy and entertainment. Nowadays, these historical landmarks have become the private property of countryside lovers. For those who enjoy natural surroundings, outdoor sports like hunting and riding… And the splendour of historical architecture: this grand country estate for sale in Andalucia is yours to take. Read more about its history in this blog! 

country estate Andalucia

Luxury country estates for sale in Andalucia

The Spanish Peninsula experienced major advances from the Cristian kingdoms and the Moorish empires. Hectares and hectares of land were acquired by the Feudal lords over time. Agrarian projects and luxury retreats were set in land and stone from Córdoba to Seville. Our exclusive country estate for sale in Andalucia, near Seville, was once upon a time a true feudal paradise. The oldest buildings of the estate are the chapel and the main Cortijo. They present classic features that could even date back to the 16th century.

The story tells that a charming Arab Prince acquired it around the 20th century. Even though the exact details are unknown, the architectural footprint for sure calls back to Arab royal history! Endless Alhambra-like water features in the gardens… The smell of orange blossom on the patios… Mosaic tiles throughout the buildings. The original chapel remained standing: it was the biggest sign of respect the Prince could show towards Spanish history. Now, when you walk around the estate, you are breathing the air that nobility once enjoyed too! One can truly enjoy the grandiosity of the architecture as well as the private – yet open – setup of the estate. In conclusion, a real gentleman’s estate, as they used to call it.

seville country estate for sale andalucia

Historical assets

Returning back to history, there are some aspects of this estate that never change. These estates were meant as an investment, as well as a way for these lords to escape the atrocious stress of the busy cities. Purchasing an estate was therefore also an investment in their private lives. To live in an area secluded from noisy streets, in the midst of the rolling valleys of Seville, was and is a true privilege. To today’s date, this is a valuable asset that moves millions of people towards the countryside.

On our luxury country estate for sale in Andalucia, you will be able to live life as you would on a royal farm. It gives a sense of space. The proximity to nature is extremely exclusive. And for the cultivation and equestrian hobbyists, it is the perfect place to develop the caprice of having your own horses or growing sustainable grain and cereal just like the old days.

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What to do with a country estate in Seville?

Nurturing the soil and horse breeding has been the classic activities that many seek to exploit in grand country estates in Andalucia. Even though these used to be the practices of the old days, some estates still practice some of these activities as a hobby. Finally, they become the private projects of new owners with dreams they could not develop before. Therefore, these estates are a real ‘playground’ for those looking to develop an activity as a private investment.

Above all, the art of living is, after all, living. The fruits of the labour of such an estate should therefore not be sought in capital benefits. The fruits of labour are, in all actuality, the increased quality in the midst of the natural surroundings. Moreover, the royal walls with dwelling narratives that linger on the hallways become your home. What more could you ask for?

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Nienke Ernstsen | 1st October 2021