How is living in Riogordo: A white rural village 30 minutes from Málaga

what to do in riogordo
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When travelling along the Route of the Axarquia Mountains, one cannot help but marvel at the natural landscape that frames the inland white villages. Firstly, Riogordo is one of them! The walls of the mountains and the gently rolling terrain, rich in cereals and pastures, are the perfect setting for nature walks. To walk through Riogordo is to immerse oneself in its Moorish past, reflected in the whitewashed houses and the structure of its steep streets. This white village invites us to delve into the customs of rural life in the area and its traditions. That’s what it’s all about, living in Riogordo.

Living in Riogordo: a portrait of a life rich in simplicity

Starting with a fragment of ‘Riogordo inside the house’, published inside the Ethnographic Museum of Riogordo:

“Riogordo withdraws into the intimacy of its houses; the homes are lit and exhale the smell of burning holm oak, aromas of oregano, almonds and sultanas. The copper pots and pans are heated and the kitchen and oven smell of bread. Riogordo revolves around the table: large and round, the meal transcends into a discreet and fraternal family gathering”.

This fragment illustrates living in Riogordo: the homely essence of this village in the Axarquia region. A cosy home, a delicious meal washed down by good wine, and the warmth of family. The simplicity of life is portrayed in the warmth of the home. Therefore, if this is what you are looking for, we can help you find your dream finca with olive tree views.

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What museum to visit in Riogordo?

A visit to the Riogordo Ethnographic Museum is a journey into the past. Located on the ruins of an old olive mill (16th-century oil mill), this space brings together the Mediterranean trilogy: bread, wine and oil. The brief tour allows us to appreciate utensils and details typical of rural houses. Altogether, it leads us to imagine and experience home life in Riogordo.

Particularly in February, during the Fiesta de la Molienda, the museum opens its doors to a unique experience: the traditional production of extra virgin olive oil. The mill is set in motion so that we can remember how oil was made centuries ago. Meanwhile, as in the past, a group of local women perform the old songs that accompanied the work. In this way, we witness the tradition and the origin of the world-famous EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) revealed.

This journey back in time is certainly one of the many experiences that Riogordo offers as part of the Route of Olive Oil and the Axarquia Mountains.

living in riogordo

Events in Riogordo between April and September

Living in Riogordo, there are some very interesting events throughout the year. We have already talked about the Fiesta de la Molienda de Riogordo. However, the biggest event in this village of La Axarquía is the representation of El Paso de Riogordo. This is the staging of the Life, Passion and Death of Jesus Christ by the locals as part of Holy Week (Semana Santa). Its origins date back to the proclamations that were recited in the 17th century and it is one of the most popular religious acts in Spain. This event has been declared a Festivity of National Tourist Interest and of Provincial Tourist Singularity.

Additionally, the May Fair or “Veladilla” is another event we must remember! Beginning with the inauguration of the Livestock Fair. Followed by falconry exhibitions, plays and traditional games. In the middle of the festivities, they celebrate the Día del Caracol (Day of the Snail). This strange day is to enjoy a tasting of snails in broth, framed by music and regional dances.

During August, the patron saint fiestas of Riogordo and the flamenco festival “Río del Cante” take place. Finally, in September the people of Riogordo celebrate the Fiesta del Candil or Noche de las Candelas (Candlelight Night).

Altogether, this makes living in Riogordo one of the nicest places to be! If you are looking to have a country home, we are happy to help! Contact us today on +34 952 895 139 or email

Rebecca Marriott | 20th March 2023