Information about Periana

Information about Periana
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Only an hour from Malaga, this village in the Axarquia region offers an incredible mountain panorama over other villages. From here you can also see the reservoir called La Viñuela as well as magnificent views of countless olive groves. Are you interested in the Olive Oil and Mountains Route? In Periana you will be in the right place to taste the renowned Verdial olive oil, also known as liquid gold.

What to see in Periana?

This town of less than 4,000 inhabitants is a small paradise of tranquillity. Periana is bathed by the Zapata river and is located by the foothills of the Sierra de Enmedio. The name translates to ‘The In Between Mountain Range’. Periana offers a breath-taking view of the Axarquia region.

It is worth taking a stroll through the village and coming across, for example, the church of San Isidro Labrador. This building, and the neighbourhood that surrounds it, was erected after the great earthquake of Andalusia (1884). The whole complex is an example of the unique neo-Mudéjar style. For its part, the Plaza de la Fuente (fountain square) recalls the history of Periana. It also shows where the social life and daily life of the village took place.

The old municipal washing place is a picturesque and relaxing spot. Also called Lavadero de la Cruz, it was a meeting place for the older women of the village to wash their clothes. The old tradition of carrying the water from the fountain in jugs to the homes still continues. Of course, the Baños de Vilo, less than 3 km from the town centre, are a must-see. Also known as the Arab baths of Periana, they were used in past centuries for the curative properties of their waters (rich in calcium and nitrogen). Today, many residents and visitors still visit the baths in search of wellness.


Traditional flavours of Periana

Periana’s cuisine is characterised by being homemade and traditional. Therefore, its dishes are prepared with local products and grandmothers’ recipes. Some dishes have been passed on from generation to generation. By having kept the ‘secret’ recipes alive within the families, they are now able to share them with anyone who wishes to have lunch at one of the local restaurants. Of course, the verdial olive oil can be enjoyed in many of these local dishes. 

The gastronomic offer is rich in typical dishes. Are you a lover of good food? We encourage you to try some of these delicacies: gazpachuelo (fish soup with mayonnaise), migas (dish based on toasted bread crumbs), asparagus soup, cachorreñas (bread soup), parpuchas de espárragos (asparagus spears), zoque (Andalusian gazpacho), ensaladilla cateta (salad with bacalao and orange), chivo (dish of goat meat), roscos de vino (wine donuts), mantecados (pig butter cookies), tortas de aceite (olive oil biscuits) and pan romano (Roman bread).

Remember not to judge the book by its cover. Visit Periana, order these local delicacies and let us know which one you liked most!

Some obligatory shopping (and meeting points)

Periana is a welcoming village where almost everyone knows each other. You will most certainly be tempted by the delights of the bakery Horno Anita del Sereno. This bakery has been a witness to the life of Periana for more than 100 years. Furthermore, due to the fact that the sea is just half an hour away guarantees incredibly fresh and delicious fish. A great option is to go and buy it at Pescadería Trujillo. 

Don’t forget to stock up on some of the best olive oil in the world at the Cooperativa Olivarera y Frutera San Isidro Labrador. For daily provisions, Periana also has a Dia Supermarket and a branch of Coviran.

While you do your shopping, why not take a break on the terrace of the Bar Restaurante Verdugo? You will surely join in talking to other locals about life and, above all, enjoy it. 

bakery in periana

Periana: beauty, unique flavours and tranquillity

Life in Periana takes place in the natural beauty of La Axarquía. Among unique and traditional flavours. Periana represents the simplicity of a village that knows how to enjoy the good life. 

This village stands in the Axarquia as a paradise of tranquillity. If you are looking for a property in the peace and quiet of Periana, we will be delighted to help you. Contact us by emailing or by calling +34 952 895 139.

Danielle Ernstsen | 21st March 2023