Information about Alora

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At a 40 minute drive from the airport of Málaga you will find the authentic Andalusian village of Álora. The village is nestled in between the rocks and topped by the ruins of a Moorish castle. Álora’s history goes way back. It was founded 79 BC by the Phoenicians, later on inhabited by the Romans and the Moors and eventually in 1484 reconquered by the Christians. In the surrounding olive groves we are offering some interesting country properties for sale.

Clients choose for this area because they want to experience true Andalusia. They are definitely not focusing on the Costa del Sol or Marbella. Although, if you would want the glitter and glammer from the coast, Marbella is at only an hours drive. Living on the countryside around Álora is for those who love to harvest their own olives, who want to learn from their neighbours how to prepare them, or where to take them to have their own olive oil pressed. Next to the tranquility and the stunning countryside Álora has a lot to offer.

Facilities & Services in Álora

With its 14.000 inhabitants Álora has all the basic facilities in place. There are schools, a medical service, a dentist service and a variety of shops and supermarkets. The beauty of it is that the city is has remained its original charm. Walking through the tiny streets you will find many shops selling local produce. All fresh and small scale. Although the city has to modernise to provide comfort for it’s inhabitants you will still experience the rich history of the place.

Wining & Dining in Álora

There are plenty of restaurants serving the most delicious local dishes and numerous bars to ‘tapear’. Although we have spotted a Chinese Restaurant and a Pizzería, most of the restaurants will serve the traditional Mediterrenean kitchen using lots of olive oil, garlic, lemon and almonds. To mention some of the local specialties: sopa porota, based on a garlic broth with croutons and scrambled eggs with spring onions and vegetables.

What to do in Álora

The beautiful lake and recreational area ‘El Chorro’ is at only 12 kilometer. Her you can practise rock climbing, canoeing, hiking or just spend a lazy day sun bathing alongside the lake. In the village there are numerous activities. To really experience Andalucía you cannot fail at the local Fiestas. During Semana Santa there are several processions, in May the traditional Romería (pelgrimage) and a wide variety of Verbenas and Ferias are organised all year round.

Danielle Ernstsen | 12th May 2023