Retiring in Spain: The Andalusian Lifestyle

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You are reading this guide for one main reason: you want to retire, or are retired, and you want to spend your time in Southern Spain, Andalusia. You might want to take on a project, or perhaps you want to retire and do as little as possible in the sunny Costa del Sol. Three questions remain:  

  1. Where to live in Andalusia when I retire?
  2. What to do in Andalusia when I retire?
  3. What are the fiscal consequences of retiring in Spain?

This guide will give you information about retiring in Spain and everything you need to know about hobbies, projects, activities you can pick up when you live in sunny Andalusia. 

Retiring in Spain

Before we get into the specifics, let’s paint a picture. You have left your old life behind and you feel like it is time to press the brakes. It’s time to slow down, to breathe. Your new life in Andalusia will be all about appreciating the small things again. You might go golfing more often, or you might plant a vegetable patch. Perhaps you will go for beach walks and practice yoga. You might even feel ambitious and grow or maintain an olive grove or a vineyard. It might have always been your dream to make your own Spanish olive oil, or your own wine!

Now that you have arrived in Andalusia, you can do all that! The options are endless. The good weather all year round is what brings people of all kinds of nationalities here. The outdoor lifestyle makes life so much more attractive!

Where to live in Andalusia when I retire?

Retiring in Spain is ideal. Retiring in Andalusia is picture-perfect. Andalusia is quite large and you might not know the areas so well. Depending on the lifestyle you want, one province or another will be a better fit for you. 

Retiring with a coastal lifestyle

If a retirement full of golfing is for you, then the Costa del Sol, or Costa del Golf we should say, is exactly right for you. Here is why: Firstly, there are more than 70 golf courses on the coastal line, secondly, the coastal line between Málaga and Gibraltar has the highest concentration of golf courses in the whole of Europe! 

Retiring with a mountain lifestyle

If you prefer to be higher up in the mountains, with more serenity surrounding you, and being further away from the touristic center then areas like Casares, Gaucín, or Jimena are a better match.

Retiring with a serene lifestyle

The possibility also exists that you might want to be far away from the coast and live on a completely private plot with your majestic estate. In that case areas like Ronda, Arcos de la Frontera or Casarabonela are right for you. 

No matter what lifestyle you want, we have the right properties for you. Browse through our portfolio and find your dream home. Of course, for direct guidance you can contact us directly for an initial consultation.

What to do in Andalusia when I retire?

You might want to retire and do nothing but enjoy the Andalusian wonders, or perhaps you want to retire and have a project to focus on. Find suitable activities to your dream lifestyle here. 

Retiring in Spain with a relaxing Andalusian lifestyle

Andalusia is probably one of the best places to retire in the world. The Andalusian lifestyle is all about:

  • Discovering new restaurants
  • Eating the most delicious and varied dishes
  • Enjoying the artisan cheese (queso de cabra / queso de oveja), dried sausages (salchichón) and ham (jamón serrano ibérico de bellota)
  • Wine tasting
  • Finding a new favourite wine to drink at home at sundown with some tapas
  • Going for walks in nature
  • Exploring new local villages or go city hopping
  • Planting your own vegetables and fruits
  • Sitting in the sun 
  • Golfing

Retiring in Spain with an Andalusian lifestyle and a project 

When you retire in Andalusia, you will feel like you have a lot of time on your hands. To you, this might be the perfect opportunity to take on a project. Growing or maintaining an olive grove might be exactly right for you. In fact, you are not the only one! Some of our past clients shared this dream and produced high quality olive oil! Read their stories on our blog here

Opening a winery, or maintaining a vineyard could be a better match for you. Experimenting with the flavours and creating the perfect combination might be your cup of tea! This too is possible. We have plentiful country properties that come with vineyards where you can start living your dream! 

The projects in Andalusia are endless. Maybe a large-scale project like an olive grove or a vineyard is not for you. Perhaps you want a country property with farm land where you can grow fruit trees, or a vegetable garden. You might just want some land where you can maintain chickens or sheep. You name it, and we will help your dreams come true!

Fiscal aspects of retiring in Spain or Andalusia

The fiscal consequences of retiring in Spain or Andalusia differ for each individual. It is impossible to give one best way to do this. Whether or not it is interesting to become a Fiscal resident in Spain highly depends on your personal situation. We advise you to consult your accountant before you take this decision.

  • EU residents

As a resident of a EU country you can stay in Andalusia for 182 days a year without being considered as a fiscal resident. You can travel in and out of the country freely. If you decide to become a resident here you would be obliged to declare your world income in Spain. The tax to be paid depends on the tax agreements between countries.

  • Non EU residents

As a non EU resident you are only allowed to stay a max of 3 months per half year. To become a resident you would have to apply for a VISA. Read more about your different visa options here

Danielle Ernstsen | 14th December 2022