Andalusian Day in Casares and Gaucin

Andalsucian day Flamenco
Andalsuian day Dance
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This Friday, 28th of February, the Andalusian day is celebrated. It is an official holiday all over Andalusia. Be aware! This day all shops and offices are closed.  Since it is a bank holiday, the locals tend to use this day to spend with the family, maybe go out for lunch together or to join in the local festivities. The festivities celebrated in the town and cities are to celebrate the traditions.

The week of the 28th of February the children have holidays at school, they call it White Week. At the end of February very often spring is in the air. This year we have temperatures of around 22-24ºC. This makes it even more inviting to join into the festivities of Andalusian day. The 28th of February is the perfect occasion to immerse yourself in Andalusian culture and enjoy it with its people. If you feel like getting involved in the traditions the ‘Dia de Andalucia’ has to offer, please find below the agenda for events that will be held in Casares and Gaucin for that day.

Andalusian day

Andalusian day in Casares

Activities never start very early in this part of the world. On this day the activities start after breakfast, at 12.00. By the way, the traditional breakfast on this day is ‘pan con aceite’. Of course you can opt for toasted bread sprinkled with olive oil and some salt on top. Or go full Andalusian, buy a ‘pitufo’ small white roll, or a mollete (slightly bigger white rol), break it in half, push a hole in the halves with your fingers and fill it up with extra virgen olive oil and a bit of salt. After that you are ready to join in!

The activities in Casares are scheduled as following:

12.00 Laying flowers at the statue of Blas Infante and singing  the anthem of Andalucia, on the main square, the Plaza de Andalucía

13.00h Performance of the municipal dance school, in Plaza Carrera.

14.00 Dance with the DYNAMIC orchestra, in Plaza de España.

22.30h Tribute to the Andalusian Rock, in Plaza Marcelino Camacho.

Día de Andalucía in Gaucin

All events will take place on the Plaza del Santo Niño

12.00 Institutional event with the anthem of Andalucia.

13.00 ‘VILLA DE GAUCIN’ Concert from the local music band concert and performance of the dance group ‘LAS RUMBERAS’.

14.30 Everyone is invited for lunch to a delicious Paella.

16.00 D’J CHIVO performance to dance all afternoon.


We hope you enjoy a good plate of paella and a dance! And in the case you get a good taste of the Andalusian lifestyle and would like to explore properties for sale  in Andalusia, check out our portfolio!

Anita Schmidt | 25th February 2020