Exclusive Country Properties near Ronda

fortress Ronda
exclusive Country properties near Ronda
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The surroundings around Ronda have attracted people throughout the centuries. The fertile soils, the gentle slopes, the spectacular views and the cosy city of Ronda still mezmerizes our clients. They form the scenery for exclusive B&B’s, luxury villas, Fortresses, Palacios and hunting estates. In other words, they form the scenery for Exclusive country properties near Ronda, a beautiful and priviledged area.

fortress Ronda

The land in and around Ronda is soaked in History.  The soil around the city is fertile. Settlements were established to work the land and to guard the livestock. Furthermore the area, located in between Seville and Granada was ideal for Posadas, offering services for travelers in between the cities. And still, nowadays it is used as such, but also as an area where you will find exclusive country properties near Ronda: stunning country estates, luxury villa’s and even a restored fortress. In these top of the bill accomodations you can enjoy the tranquility in comfort and luxury.

Wine estates and farms in Ronda la Vieja

Ronda la Vieja, at approximately 4 km from the city of Ronda,  finds it origins in the Roman town Acinipo (Land of Wines).  The fertile soil around this old Roman city was covered in vines. It was seen as one of the mayor wine producing areas in Andalusia.  The vines disappeared after being affected by a disease. But nowadays the Ronda vines and wines are gaining importance again. In this specific area we are proud to offer some of the wine estates in discreet sale. When it is not purely business there are some more exclusive country properties near Ronda. In general plots are large, to guanratee privacy. Some of the estates are worked professionaly as a farm, as is the case with this 250ha estate in Ronda la Vieja . Others are to be compared with luxury villas and use the land for example as a hobby vineyard. More attention is given to the design of the villa and the garden, as is the case in this classical styled villa with formal gardens and a hobby vineyard in Ronda la Vieja.

Classical villa Ronda la Vieja

Exclusive Country Properties Alcalá del Valle

Another interesting area is around the village Alcalá del Valle, at approximately 30 minutes from Ronda. Even though it forms part of the ‘Serranía de Ronda’, this village is part of the Cadiz province in Andalusia. Alcala finds its origens in ‘La dehesa del Tomillo’, a large estate of over 4000 hectares, administered in the 16th century by the Marqueses de Benamejí. A fortress was used by the family to manage the exploitation of the surrounding grounds. The foundations of the fortress are expected to be even older. A set of dolmens in La Dehesa del Tomillo shows that this area was inhabited in the Prehistoric era. The original estate has been subdivided over the centuries. The fortress remained with app. 12 hectares and has completely been restored and converted into a luxury mansion. The project has been awarded with the Europa Nostra price in 2009. Well deserved! The restoration has been performed with an eye for detail, keeping as many original details as possible and recreating them where they had disappeared. From the outside it still looks like a fortress. Inside however it is converted in a luxury villa, keeping the fortress style, yet not comprising in comfort. An exquisite property!

Another property that formed part of the original estate is a Cortijo that nowadays is functioning a an upmarket Bed & Breakfast. This boutique rural Hotel has gained its credits over the last few years. With 5 luxury suites and very comfortable owners quarters it is an ideal property to truely enjoy the Andalusian countryside and lifestyle. Very well located to alternate between days of reading in the shade under the olive tree with excursions to the interesting cultural sites in Andalusia as Seville, Cordoba and Granada.

Luxury B&B Ronda

In short, over the last this area has developed into a highly privileged area to own your exclusive country property near Ronda. Some of the residences are used as a weekend or holiday retreat, others are farmed and kept private. One thing they all have in common: They are located on spectacular positions, with panoramical views over the surrounding mountains. These exclusive country properties near Ronda provide a breath of fresh air in a luxury and lush environment.

Anita Schmidt | 18th April 2017