Luxury country estates in Gaucín

Country Estate Gaucin S-04
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Around the village of Gaucín you will find a variety of large luxury country properties on extensive plots of land. Only a few are restored old farmhouses. Most of them however, are new built in the andalusian style, but adapted to today’s standard of comfort and luxury. It is the spectacular views and landscape in the Gaucín area, that has attracted private developers from all over the world to build their own country escape here.

Country Estate Gaucin S-04

Gaucín can be characterized as a typical, beautiful, white mountain village in Andalusia. The narrow alleys, the lovely squares, the flower pots against the walls, and the friendly people, all of this you can expect to find in any of the white villages in Andalusia. The views however, from the village towards the Mediterranean sea, the rock of Gibraltar and the Rif mountains in Morocco is what makes this village stand out! Next to the proximity of the coast. It is just a 25 minutes drive to the beach and 35 minutes to the mondaine resort of Sotogrande. No wonder that many decided in the past to build their weekend retreat in this area!

La Almuña and La Hoya, treasures in Gaucín

In some occasions private developers joined hands, as is the case in La Almuña and later on in La Hoya. They jointly developed the infrastructure and each individual owner got the right to build a grand country property to their own specs. There were some guidelines to guarantee for example the privacy of each single property. Both areas are true pearls that will be difficult to find elsewhere in Andalusia. Private estates with luxury villas, peacefully located in the middle of nature. Services for these estates were also put in place. Private chefs and maids, nanny’s and chauffeurs, whatever the owners wanted, it became available in Gaucín.

Equestrian estates and vineyards in Gaucín

Next to these villa type areas, equestrian estates were developed. Especially the area towards Estación de Gaucín and the valley alongside the Genal river are perfect to keep horses. From your own premises, you can go out riding for a few hours or a few days! These estates come most of the time with more land. They offer grazing land, stables and paddocks.

The vineyards are a relatively new hobby in the area. Hobby might even be an understatement! Enkvist Wines is bodega in Gaucín that has built up quite a good name over the last years. A property with great potential for a vineyard is for example the large country villa on a plot of land of over 270.000 m2, 00085p, in the same area as the Enkvist estate. Next to this we could offer 00355p , a luxury cortijo with a hobby vineyard in the Genal valley.


 Discrete sales in Gaucín

Not all the estates are published online. Some of the owners prefer a silent sale. If you are interested in an estate in the Gaucín area please do not hesitate to contact us. Based on your personal requirements I am sure we can find you the perfect property. You can contact us either by email through, or by phone through number 00 34 952895139.

Oscar Ernstsen | 20th April 2015