An adventurous walk near Estepona and Genaguacil

Sierra Bermeja
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Have you ever wondered how you can combine an active life, with a luxurious and tranquil life? I have. However, I can actually experience this on a daily basis! Yesterday I ventured out to the Sierra Bermeja, a mountain shared between the villages of Casares, Estepona and Genaguacil. It is a wonderful hike; a 5hr long track with wonderful sights over the Costa del Sol at the peak, where the three towns unite. Afterwards, I drove down to Estepona and had a nice cup of tea, enjoying the last minutes of sunshine at 7pm.

Sierra Bermeja


I left my house in Casares at 11am with a bag with water, aquarius, a typical Spanish lunch I prepared (tortilla and a Russian salad), and some cookies. To access the track, you have to drive through Los Reales in Estepona and after 20min you can park your car at an open space and start. My way up took a little more than expected though. Expect the unexpected on these types of roads! You should be prepared for some traffic jam, but don’t worry, it’s not an average vehicle jam, you’ll be stuck behind 100 sheep, a dog and a shepherd for a couple of minutes. It is good fun, I can assure you that!

I don’t know what type of hikes you’ve experienced, but I will update your knowledge on this hike. It is not a regular, straight road you will be walking. It is a path that has curved together with the steps of the many hikers, goats, and other animals that have undertaken the challenge to walk to the peak of this mountain. I suggest you put on your hiking boots, long trousers (to not get scratched by unmaintained plants), a t-shirt, a jumper, and a windproof coat as the winds can be quite strong and cold at this side of the mountain. In summer days, be prepared with sun cream because you will transform into a nice and pink prawn without even noticing!


If you’re lucky you will be able to see a deer feast the green grasses on the sudden prairies within the forest, or the eagles and vultures ruling over the skies, and many other surprises that could in fact cross the path when you less expect it to happen. The beauty of the unspoiled nature in Andalusia is irreplaceable in so many aspects. Many feel fortunate to live in Andalusia, where at the doorstep of your villa or cortijo you have direct access to this amazing nature.

No matter where you live, you will always find a way to wander off within the exquisiteness and splendour of the masses of flora and fauna that compose the landscapes of the diverse Andalusian grounds.

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