Creativity Day: Featuring Creative Homes

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Happy International Creativity Day! Today I want to encourage everyone to take out your paint brushes, or your tools, or your gardening gloves and get creative! Us humans have developed the skill of creativity for many different reasons. Being creative is innate to us, it is deeply rooted in our evolutionary history. To commemorate this special day we will dive into some Fun Facts about creativity and we will highlight some of our favourite creative homes on the countryside in our Sunny Andalucía! Keep reading if you want to feel inspired.

Creativity & Evolution

If we paint a picture where we go back to Pre-historic times, you will understand that being creative was not just a fun skill. Being creative helped us to survive! Creativity helps us to adapt to new situations, new environments. It can open our minds to solve problems and to overcome difficulties thrown on our paths. From the moment that our species began playing with tools and fire, a chip changed in our brain. Suddenly we became capacitated to innovate. Innovation was sparked by creativity; thinking out of the box  has aided us to develop new technologies.

Creativity has helped us to communicate and express ourselves in various ways. Rather than just using words, we have shared stories, emotion, ideas, and important information through art, music, dance. Being creative as served us as an enormous creative outlet, making us all much more psychologically resilient.

Overall, creativity is the reason why we are curious, why we have an urge to explore and to learn. Because of our creativity we call ourselves lucky to live in luxury Andalusian creative homes.

Creative Architecture

Taking our own niche market of luxury Andalusian country properties as an example, we have seen so many things! We have seen gorgeous artistic details inside and outside homes. Also, the Andalusian countryside has given us the opportunity to appreciate well landscaped gardens that follow smart and logical sequences. We have seen decorations that took our breath away.

Of course, working in this sector, we have seen beautiful & creative architecture too. Below I am highlighting two incredibly creative homes with fantastic architecture that we have been lucky to have had in our books. Both are incredibly different from one another, and still they express the same qualities: elegance and luxury.

The first home, a beautiful castle in Ronda, completely renovated. This castle was sold years ago, but we still think about this gorgeous estate regularly. Its architecture spoke to so many of you that our YouTube video gained over 80.000 views. The stone walls, the gardened courtyard, the historical details, they all formed a property that is difficult to forget.

The second creative home, a modern country house in the mountains of Gaucín that feature natural light. This gorgeous home is South facing and on top of a mountain. This means one thing: Spectacular views. In order to maximise the views and the natural light, enormous glass walls were placed on the south side to make it seem like outside and inside become one. This architectural feature is so smart, that of course, this house too, was sold to a new lucky owner!

Creative Homes

If we continue our journey exploring creative homes, we want to highlight some that you can still take off the market, if you are fast! Here are our 4 favourite Andalusian country houses for you to enjoy.

1. A historic cortijo in Ronda, featuring maximalism. 

2. An impressive country villa in Gaucín, featuring class. 


3. A gorgeous Andalusian Finca, featuring royal gardens. 

4. A reformed cortijo in Seville, featuring an exemplary transformation. 

Make your creativity come to life

You can start living your dream life here in Andalucía, in the South of Spain, where the sun shines more than 320 days a year! You can let your creative juices flow and create the home of your dreams. If you want more information on any of the above mentioned houses, or any other country property in Andalucía, make sure to reach out to us. Email me to [email protected] or call me on +34 952 89 51 39. 


Danielle Ernstsen | 21st April 2024