A Country Home Full of Charm

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With some country properties, whether or not they are objectively the right one for you, you just fall in love with them. You can’t help it. There is something about that country home that just feels right. Perhaps it is the styling, lighting, or maybe it is how the furniture has been placed. It might even be something as simple as the smell of the house that reminds you of something personal. Keep reading to read why everyone falls in love with this charming country home!

The power of styling

Believe it or not, but good styling is what will make the buyer fall in love with your country home. When you are ready to sell, try to make your home as minimalistic as possible. Once you have stripped your home of unnecessary items and furniture, you can start adding colour accents. Having a rather neutral base in your country home with some decorative items that stand out, is the formula that works best.

Check out this gorgeous country home in the area of Casares. The base is neutral and typical Andalusian: terracotta coloured floors, wooden beams, textured walls… The furniture is neutral and light, allowing the natural light from the large windows and doors to reflect everywhere. But then, with a few beautiful colourful elements this gorgeous living room comes to live. The contrast between blue and orange-red tones create a fantastic balance in colour-palette. Incorporating some green touches here and there seamlessly brings the outside world inside. Living in your country home in Andalucía, the goal is to spend as much time outside. Nevertheless, for the time that you are inside bringing nature inside offers a calming and peaceful effect.

Exterior details

Styling is not only important inside, but also outside. Decorating the gardens and patios of your country home will give you the homey feeling as soon as you arrive on your property.

Making cosy sitting areas and placing the Andalusian terracotta or ceramic pots with vibrant plants is the ideal formula for outside. Again, at this country home the owners have done this marvellously. Here we see a cosy sitting area with additional provided shade on the North side of the property. Especially during the summer months, having a place where you can unwind in a cooler place is exactly what you need. Pots of different sizes have been placed to create dimension. The predominant colour here is green, bringing the garden-feel to the back patio of your country home.


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Danielle Ernstsen | 9th April 2024