Modern Andalusian Country Villa with Olive Grove

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The Andalusian coast, specifically around the Costa del Sol, knows many luxurious and modern villas. They are characterised by slick white walls, green lawns and palm trees and of course, the large windows that give you views for days. But what if you don’t want to live at the coast? What if you dream of having your country villa in the countryside of Andalusia? At Villas & Fincas we have found the perfect home for you! Click on this link to get more information on this stunning country villa with olive grove near Ronda!

Coast vs Inland

The lifestyle inland Andalusia or by the coast is incredibly different. You might think: How can the lifestyle be so different when it’s only half an hour, or one hour driving distance?” It is true that there are many commonalities. At the end of the day, the warmth of the people and the passion for life are key characteristics of the Andalusian people. Nevertheless, there are some aspects that differentiate the coastal people and lifestyle from the inland people and lifestyle. You might be surprised when I tell you that what makes the biggest difference is actually: the temperature.

The coastal breeze from the beautiful Mediterranean Sea regulates the temperatures all year round, lowering the extreme heat peaks and soothing the colder periods during wintertime. Especially around the area of Marbella there seems to be a very local microclimate. Generally in Andalusia there are more than 320 days of sun, but there is something about the Costa del Sol that attracts more and more people every year. Some love being surrounded by the buzz: new opening restaurants with exquisite food every so many months, opening parties, luxury brand shopping, lounging at the most fancy and bougie beach bars, etc. As great as this sounds, it might not be for everyone.

If what you are looking for is a more tranquil lifestyle in the countryside, where you can enjoy the luxury of a modern country villa, then definitely keep reading! The major benefit is that inland you get the calm lifestyle, and the beautiful coast is just a car ride away!


Modern Country Villa for sale

What exactly is a country villa? It is a beautifully designed country home with similar features to the villa you might find at the coast. But of course, with the country features as a plus! This country villa near Ronda has been meticulously designed to bring outside life, inside. Here you embrace a modern, comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

Some of the most important features of this stunning Andalusian country villa that must be highlighted are the following. The double height ceilings, the many large windows that flood your new future home with endless natural light! The combination of these two elements create large and open spaces. Furthermore, folding glass doors have been installed so that you can enjoy your covered terrace all year round!

country villa for sale in Andalusia with modern features

Endless Views

This modern country villa in the mountainous landscape of the beautiful Andalusia, has many lounge areas outside. This has been done specifically so you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner with a fantastic view! Is it not time for food and you still want to enjoy the views? Do not worry! You can relax by the pool and look out over the stunning landscape. Alternatively, you can go for a walk on your plot and take in the beauty! You can relax on any one of your lawns and be impressed by the attention-grabbing views.

And guess what! If you feel like sitting inside with a warm cup of tea or hot cocoa, you can choose any room in your Andalusian country villa and simply look outside. You can obsess about your view any minute of the day thanks to the large open windows!


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Danielle Ernstsen | 6th June 2023