Luxury living in Andalucia (Spain): from a hunting estate to the city

luxury living Andalucia
luxury living Spain
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Last weekend we had the honour to be invited to our beautiful hunting estate in Córdoba. We combined our trip to the estate with a few days to discover the historic city. What better way than to discover luxury living in Andalucia (Spain) than having a weekend trip. Our drive started in Casares, passing the Costa del Sol, and entering the inland of Málaga behind the airport. When you pass the beautiful mountain reliefs that curve to make El Torcal, the landscape suddenly changes. An oasis of olive trees emerges in the valley, leading the way to the city of Córdoba. In this blog, we will tell you more about what to expect about living in Córdoba, inland Andalucia, Spain. 

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Luxury living at the hunting estate

Arriving at our hunting estate meant: crispy clear-skied morning views over curved hills, a deep bass trembling through the property ground when game run past, a burst of soothing sunshine keeping the altitude freshness warm with 23º. We spent a whole morning stalking the animals that inhabited the estate. Hiding behind dried bushes, waiting for a sound that would indicate the direction of where the animals were coming from. Being alert and engaged with the surroundings, functioning at 110% to not miss the animals. You start to feel like you become a tree yourself. Following the intensive session of observing the game, came a lovely lunch in the courtyard of the estate. Here we could enjoy the last sunrays of the day and see the property come alive. Having taken in all the splendour of nature, the grandiosity of the estate, and the unique and vibrant atmosphere that is linked to the tradition of hunting, we left to discover the city of Córdoba.

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Special features of the city

Many know Córdoba for her amazing Mezquita-Cathedral. Nevertheless, there is much more to discover. With regards to architecture, nearly every street has a building that stands out. The combination of renaissance-baroque styles, together with typical Christian influences gives an astonishing historic touch to the city. Moreover, the stone pebbled streets, the traditional shops, the shining river… It’s overwhelming once you realize how much there is to see! Next to wandering endlessly across the city, we also booked tickets to the opera Il Secreto di Susana and Le Voix Humaine at the Gran Teatro de Córdoba. A true insider look at the local weekend culture in the city. Surprisingly, after the opera, the city was still very awake! Full restaurants at every corner, people taking evening strolls, streets that were filled with the sound of laughter. You might think that a city like Córdoba ‘dies out’ off-season. However, it is for sure one of the liveliest cities with a beautiful local culture that we have seen in Andalucia.

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Córdoba, a city to remember

For one, food in Córdoba is a must. Some good tips are Taberna del Río, La Casa de Manolete Bistró, or La Bendita Locura. All have excellent Córdoba dishes such as salmorejo (a thick cold tomato soup) or flamenquines (a rolled-up cordon bleu with serrano ham). They also serve a beautiful local fino, a dry sherry. You mostly hear people ordering a ‘copa’ (of sherry) with a tapa to snack away. Furthermore, the combination of being submerged in the beautiful nature of the Sierra Morena as well as having a vibrant city with so many activities and cultural points of interest is amazing. After visiting Córdoba, you will be imprinted with memories of orange trees along the streets, gorgeous architecture, delicious food, and an amazingly peaceful nature.

Are you looking for a property in Andalucía?

For more information and inquiries, please email or call +34 952 89 51 39. Our luxury hunting estate in Córdoba is one of the fine examples we have in our portfolio.

Nienke Ernstsen | 19th November 2021