How to price a country property?

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Villas & Fincas is committed to achieving the best deal for your Andalusian country property. In pricing your home in Southern Spain, there are several factors you ought to take into account. To start with, it is of utmost importance to price your house correctly. Selling an overpriced house is slow, difficult and does not generate fruitful results. In this guide we have described what you can consider when pricing your Andalusian country property.

Price your home realistically

Be realistic regarding your property’s market value. Take the current Andalusian country property market into consideration, as well as the global economy. At Villas & Fincas we have a track record of more than 20 years of experience in the Andalusian country property market. We have successfully listed and sold a myriad of houses, and understand the market as well as its clients. Therefore, you can trust us in pricing your property correctly. 

When we list your property, we will do a valuation for you and take the following factors into account. The presence or absence of these will increase or decrease the price of your property. The presence or absence will also make the potential client more or less likely to buy. 

  • Location
  • Views
  • Quality of build
  • Build size
  • Land size
  • Legal documentation
  • Property facilities
  • Nearby facilities
  • Installations
  • Pool (exterior and/or interior)
  • Surroundings
  • Energy rating

Trust your agent

Over the years, we have experienced that clients decided to list their home with a different real estate agency. Mostly because they gave a higher property valuation. As a seller, you are free to choose with whom you put your property up for sale. There are agents who endorse your higher selling price just to get the exclusive listing. Let us explain. 

Other agencies will ‘buy’, so to say, your listing by endorsing a higher selling price, knowing from the beginning that they will eventually bring the selling price down to a market price. By this time, it could be that your property is already saturated in the market, and it has to be priced below its market value. It is already stressful enough to go through the process of selling your home. An unpleasant experience with an agent that doesn’t truly help you is the last thing you need.

Our advice is to have an open and transparent conversation about pricing. At Villas & Fincas we want to help you in every way we can! 

The bottom line is, try to be as realistic as possible and trust your agent. We want to provide you with all the information you need. We want to be completely honest and will give you a valuation based on our experience in the Andalusian country property market, so you can make a decision that feels right. We know that selling a house is an emotional process. At Villas & Fincas we want to ensure a smooth, easy and happy process where we minimize as much stress for you as we can. 

Danielle Ernstsen | 14th March 2023